The 31 Sentence Contest Winners: Round 9

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The 31 Sentence Contest Winners.png

We had four entries this round:
(1) @chireerocks - Divine Versions
(2) @free-reign - What Went Wrong
(3) @wakeupkitty - Sweet Candy
(4) @deirdyweirdy - Undone

Thank you @agmoore2 for the use of your picture found in this post.. It did as thought, brought out some good writers who wrote interesting stories. 8-)

It seems that quite a few of us here didn't have such a happy schooling experience. Since the fourth grade on, I was in a different school, mostly in Colorado, every year up until I spent has of my sophomore and junior in one school and then my junior and senior year in California.

About the only things that I remember enjoying about being in school was band, math, and playing outside. Oh, almost forgot. Lunchtime. I went back for seconds and thirds. There was almost never enough time to go out and play for the time that I would have liked.

I did learn how to type in my freshman year. I'm glad that I went to the classes. It has helped in life.

I took a woodshop class for two years. I built some shelving and, once, a large display case that I made for my mother and after to the men who took her storage away because she couldn't pay the rent. ARG!!! - I made a chessboard there in shop class, too. I had that for about ten years before a con artist convincingly convinced me that I didn't need all of my "baggage". Double ARG!!!

I was in band from the fourth grade until the my senior year. I enjoyed playing. I enjoyed the concerts. I enjoyed going to competitions, won me a few 2nd places - maybe even a couple of 1st places - for cold reading a piece. Band class was probably one of the best things about that schooling stuff.

Now for the judging. How the wheel turns...

First Place

@chireerocks - Divine Versions

Second Place

@free-reign - What Went Wrong

Third Place

@wakeupkitty - Sweet Candy

p.s. @free-reign expressed his want of splitting his winner share of SBI between the other two winners and it shall be respected.

Round 10 is out. Come stop by if time permits.

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Thank you very much and you too @free-reign.

I was at a very religious school where reading comics were forbidden, friendly teachers been kicked out and children were hit and especially school was seen as not necessary for girls.

You learned a lot, found your way, built great things with your own hands and are a musician. I think it is more as most can say. Happy day. 💕

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Congrats everyone!

@tristancarax, I feel your pain - being told to declutter, and later regretting it. (Also, a gift you crafted for your mother IN STORAGE, only to be confiscated by bill collectors.) Did you ever see Breaking Bad and the woodwork Jesse did in shop class?
School does ruin a lot of bright and beautiful souls. I've been opposed to institutionalized education since.... kindergarten. I just didn't know the word for it yet.

I did see Breaking Bad but I don't remember that scene.

I once asked my mom if I could homeschool and she said no. About 10 or so years later, I reminded her of what she said and then she said, "Oh, you wouldn't have done it anyway." Thanks, mom.

I think most of us are opposed to it.

@tristancarax, Thank you so much for your kind mention brother. Have a wonderful and blessed time ahead.

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