Dlux Diary 5/10/22

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Hive is funding peaceful Freedom Convoy border actions in British Columbia, Canada!

We got ourselves a CONVOY!! Trudeau has invoked martial law in Canada to

Drop us your tunes!

We know a lot of you make some amazing music. We wanna hear something new today! Drop us a link in the comments and lets hear it!

I Once Owned Half a Million DOGE... For a Day

I wish I hadn't opened my Exodus wallet last night and look into my transactions history because I felt asleep quite hard afterwards.…

Investing in Cryptoshots.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I have been posting a lot about WAX blockchain recently. In fact, I started a WAX…

Four Years of Hive, A Celebration Post

Exactly four years ago @acesontop came to life on the blockchain, back then we had a different name as a community, but as we got matured…

Donate To Canadian Truckers With HonkHonkHodl

If you have not followed the story, It seems like something snapped in Canadians and manifested in the freedom convoy. A demonstration by…

Buying Random WAX Nfts.

Last night, I decided to go on a small WAX nft shopping spree. My goal was basically to familiarize myself with the main Nft market on…

Considering A Peaceful Takeover Of Lotus.

I was milling over the last post from @naturalmedicine today: A post about the end of the naturalmedicine.io front end 😭😭😭. I have a…

Is the Pizza Crab Market Finally Over?!


Staked 2K Pizza - Received 1st Staking Reward! [12% APR].

3 mo

Counting the days down to February the 6th. In game footage reveal, and our upcoming scheduled AMA on discord.

Hello everyone! The crypto market as a whole has been a rollercoaster in the recent days, but anyone that has been in the market for more…

Buying the LVL token! + Gold and Silver.

I like to be early on projects that look explosive! I like to play games as you can see from my strong Splinterlands portfolio. I…

hive.pizza | Announcing Stake2Earn model for PIZZA token

Hey Everyone! We are pleased to announce that the much anticipated PIZZA passive staking rewards are coming to all PIZZA token…

Invested in another PIZZA #nft from @thebeardflex. Only 8 Hive each ...

Invested in another PIZZA #nft from @thebeardflex. Only 8 Hive each and so many editions left! #leofinance #investment !   Posted via
4 mo

Since we had a leak of the test environments... PSYBER X small preview.

It looks like a small in game clip was leaked haha. (This was very early in September - well over 4 months ago..)…

I invested in LVL.

Special thanks to @Ackza for posting about Lvl investing and alerting me into this project. I have been hearing a lot about PsyberX and…

Swap.Wax on the rise?

Wax is up 11%. But if you zoom out to the 1 month chart, you can see it is part of a "red" trend, and is not exactly an all time high.…

Music Lessons with Hive PIZZA and Buying a Splinterlands Card with $PIZZA

Today's "interesting things of the day" in PIZZA discord is about Music lessons and trading PIZZA for Splinterlands. 😉 Int

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