Data and thoughts on votes in LeoFinance

A year or so back, I made myself fairly unpopular in the SportsTalkSocial community for producing posts like this , and this , and…


It had been a slow start to the week. The usual calls with people yapping on about what was in their gift or the art of the…

How to Grow Traffic Through SEO

It's no secret that when Leo content ranks in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) it drives traffic to the platform. These visitors can then…

BTC cloud has cleared for many Alts, HIVE heading for blue skies soon?

HIVE/BTC daily chart with the Ichimoku indicators, what a sad state of affairs. Not for much longer though I suspect, as other tokens I…

Binance Smart Chain - A More Affordable Route into Defi than ETH

If you want to get into liquidity pools but find ETH gas fees prohibitively expensive then two much cheaper alternatives you can use, via…

Trading Skills 101

I think @ironshield has been closely watching my trading activity and finally decided to put what he has learned to the test: Top…

The Bursting Of The Great Financial Asset Bubble

May Be Closer Than Ever Before Heard of that huge financial asset bubble that's supposedly sitting out there, looming over everyone and…

LeoFinance Met With an AI Marketing Agency | Let's Discuss Why We Should Hire Them or Not

@Nealmcspadden and I (@khaleelkazi) recently had a Z

ionomy looks good for patient traders

Although the volume of trades isn't great for the tokens I'm looking at on the ionomy exchange, there is some value to be had for…

Why Posting From LeoFinance is One of the Best Ways to Grow Our Token & Community

We all know the history of tribe tokens on the Steem and now Hive blockchain. As token holders, long-term price appreciation is what we…

They say it changes when the sun goes down, around here

In out, in out, shake it all about. The tweet posted by Justin Sun around 10 hours ago has since been removed. For now! It was…

ENG taking a beating!

Will it bounce back to 1 STEEM as it has done so often in the past? Block sells at .601 seem to have stopped, could be an opportunity…