2022, Embracing Uncertainty

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Now that 2021 is out the window it's time to talk 2022... But before doing that I will once again mention that 2021 has screwed with all my forecasts and predictions I had for it and although it hasn't been the year I was expecting , it wasn't bad either.

2021 was supposed to be that year after the halving when the crypto markets supposedly would benefit from these parabolic rises that would end with a blow off top. That didn't happened. Why? I have no precise reasoning to share with you, but my take is that the halving cycles are off now.

2022 starts as an uncertain year, from many perspectives. First of all "we haven't been announced if and when the pandemic will end" from the leaders that created it, Elon Musk talks about an imminent recession that's about to occur in spring-summer this year and Bitcoin is still in uncharted territory.

There's literally no analyst on twitter right now claiming anymore to be knowing what BTC's up for this year. I guess these guys are exhausted from last years tons of failed predictions. I am no longer engaging in any, will simply ride with the wave.


I haven't yet got in the position of feeling OK to sell most of my holdings for fiat, I don't even know if I will ever do that and tbh honest I'm thinking more and more of creating myself some crypto passive income as of this year. I got none so far.

Hive looks more than promising and I'm not pointing solely to its price, which to be honest does very good lately. Personally, I'm planning on starting to stake some HBD during this year, I'm more than excited to finally put my hands on project blank and I might start blockchain gaming with Ragnarok.

Content creation hopefully stays on the same line of consistency. I no longer live on any expectation, though, especially regarding crypto. Expectations are based on past experience and nothing we've lived in the past in crypto is resembled by what's currently going on.

I don't know if you read about it, but Eminem has paid $450k for a bored ape that looks like him and made that his twitter profile pic. Blockchain and crypto are here to stay and although these are currently wandering on uncharted territories, they're definitely not going away.

I don't have good feelings towards the world economy and that makes me think more intensely of getting involved in crypto more aggressively than I already was. Thinking of CUB as well, but honestly haven't picked anything yet. Crypto is the future, I have no doubt about that and we can say we've got ourselves a head start.

So, this marks the first day of 2022 and my hopes are it will be a good year, but honestly, I have no damn expectation for it... Wish you all a great January 1st and the year ahead and see you to the next one.

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At this point, I doubt anyone can truly predict the short-term price action of any crypto. BTC is it's own beast and it now also has a lot of institutional investors which makes it different from the past. In a way they are providing liquidity to the market and I doubt they want extremely large swings like a blow off top.

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Good point.

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Crypto is the future. For now nobody knows were BTC is going. Is not that the analyst fail just that omicron virus came and made BTC not to get to each target.

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