AskLeo - Have You Ever Been Scammed In Crypto?

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Bitconnect is probably the mother of all scams in crypto. The ponzi has managed to rug pull millions in crypto from naïve investors and although I haven't read anything lately in regards of the ones promoting this shit, I hope they got what they deserved.

I don't know if DeFi hacks lately would fit the scam category, as the creators of the platforms don't intentionally build them to be easily penetrated by hackers, but I bet people are still scammed in this space.

Scammers have a long history and it will be quite hard to completely eliminate such breed, but my take is that 99% of the fault is carried by the ones actually being scammed. You just have to realize that whatever sounds too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true.

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There were all sort of scams on YouTube where scammers would upload a recorded live video of an important crypto conference featuring Brad Garlinghouse or Elon Musk and manipulate the video to look like a live video. The catch would be that if you send some crypto to an address "that appeared on the screen" that address would double your transaction and I almost fell for something like that once.

It was during the bear market and there was a Brad Garlinghouse recorded interview and uploaded as a live conference with a supposedly giveaway created for the viewers. Free internet money during a bear market sounds good, but luckily I remembered that the conference was already broadcasted and haven't sent any XRP to the scammers. I was either lucky or not that stupid as I thought so...

Was close though, I have to admit. I doubt anyone would be able to scam me now, but I had my weakness in the past. What about you, have you ever been scammed in crypto?

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