AskLeo - How High Will HIVE Jump?

8 days ago
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The crypto market has had a fantastic time the past couple of days and HIVE is doing great lately. To be honest I wasn't even expecting it to get pass $0.5 before April, but often times my forecasts have been blown away and sometimes in a good way.

Some say that the Koreans might be behind this recent rally, others like myself believe that it's just a natural uptrend typical for a bull market. HIVE is now floating at a bit over $0.7 after scoring an ATH of $1.04 less than a week ago.

Nathan Mars, the most confident and ardent marketer of Hive of all times, tweeted earlier today that "HIVE will be $100". He didn't say when, but since we here on Leofinance have the SOON mantra used for everything...lets hope it's gonna be soon.


I don't know if HIVE will get to $100 soon, although that would make me dance naked on the streets once we reach that, but I am confident that at some point, as the blockchain is maturing and with a bit of marketing, we will reach that price point.

If HIVE won't get to $100 this bull cycle tough, how high do you believe it will jump? I guess nobody knows how much's left out of this bull market, although my gut feeling and some other crypto analysts are pointing towards the fall of 2021 to be the peak of this cycle, but we're not there yet.

So, what's the peak for HIVE before we enter a bear market?

I'd say something around $10. I don't have an exact number because my crystal ball hasn't been delivered yet by fully autonomous package deliveries, but I would bet on something around that range. It could get to $8, higher or even lower, but my take is considering where I believe we are in the market cycle that there's still room for the upside.

Knowing that we haven't seen euphoria yet and having the past experience of such a market phase I'd say that if HIVE can get to $2-$3 by mid summer then jumping to $10 before the volcano blows off is a no brainer. What do you think, what will be the peak for HIVE?

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