AskLeo - How Would The Best Presentation of Hive Look Like?

4 days ago
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I follow a lot of crypto people on twitter and quite a few on Youtube, I have plenty of followers and follow myself a lot of Hive users that are involved in crypto, but most of them are not my co nationals, they're basically people all around the world.

For a couple of weeks I have subscribed to a crypto related Youtube channel created by a Romanian, same nationality as myself, and the topics he addresses are quite interesting. I am also amazed to see how many people in my country are involved in crypto now.

Elrong(EGLD) for example is also Made in Romania so you know. Wile watching a few of the crypto shows from The Stakeborg Talks which is the channel that I mentioned above, I was asking myself what if I ask for an invitation from these guys and talk about Hive on their show...


I might be lucky and they would be interested in having me on a talk, but soon after the idea pooped I also asked myself how would I describe Hive?. I have a direct experience as a user, but not too technical to be honest.

Hence I thought I could write an #askleo post and see your story and details, what would you talk about Hive on a crypto podcast, what technical would you bring to discussion, what should be highlighted and so on.

I haven't contacted anyone from The Stakeboard Talk yet, but in case I'll do that and get on set, I want to be prepared, you know... Hence, if anyone can imagine such an interview feel free to share what would you talk about Hive and how would your presentation look like?

Thanks for attention,

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