AskLeo: What percentage of your crypto portfolio is in Bitcoin?

6 days ago
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The king of all crypto assets, by total marketcao of course, is sitting quite comfortably on the $18,000 range that it claimed a few days ago. It's just $2,000 shy away from its previous ATH and although some are already calling for a correction, others believe that new ATHs are just around the corner and there's more steam to the bitcoin train.

My gut feeling tells me that it will pierce through the $20,000 psychological mark as many expect, but it will soon after that correct, as we seem to be sitting on extreme greed territory for quite a while. Crypto markets are not all about BTC though, as there are a few thousands of other cryptos out there, namely alts, that wait for their turn to strong rallies in this bull market...

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It seems though that most are lagging behind crypto and there's no alt season in sight. For the Bitcoin maximalists the current situation and wealth distribution among all cryptos out there is definitely a positive one, but for people like myself that are all in into alts, it's a bit disappointing to see how the satoshi value of my portfolio is on a downwards slope and how I regret not swapping some shitcoins for satoshis when the valuation of those shitcoins was way higher than it currently is.

Regrets never made anyone rich, so screw them, I'll just wait patiently for my altcoins to get juicy and tasty, and have no doubt that an alt season will at some point hit us. You should always have a decent percentage of your portfolio in BTC a wise man once said, but who listened to that...

Maybe some of you did, hence I am curious how much(approximately) of your crypto portfolio is in BTC?

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