AskLeo - Why Is LEO So Volatile Lately?

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There was a time when you could buy 4 HIVE for one LEO. Now the situation has flipped and we can get four, or more LEO, for one HIVE. I guess nothing can beat volatility in this market and there's no way you can peg anything on HIVE, not even HBD.

It was clear that LEO, being a "market listed" coin will be volatile and that's great. It wouldn't have gotten from a few cents to $1 in probably less than a year, but we tend to love volatility more when it's to the upside.

I've noticed something odd lately regarding LEO... I've come to terms that it's no longer the most hyped community and probably that's why we're under a dollar for so long. The launch of the mobile app will probably be "the well deserved kick in the butt" for LEO to move upwards once again.

The Leofinance main token is highly volatile lately though. I mean, it's beyond its usual price swings. From what I've noticed, the trend is dictated by HIVE, but the velocity is way stronger that the one of HIVE's. Yes, LEO has a way smaller market cap, but why so volatile lately?

You have it at $0.25 and a few seconds later it's $0.15... or $0.17. A type of velocity that's pretty new, from what I've noticed. At some point, a couple of days ago, LEO has even fallen to $0.02. Khal(@khaleelkazi) has commented on a tweet of mine, when the event occurred, saying that "Lack of liquidity on Hive Engine is caused by Liquidity pools > Order books"...

I still don't get why hasn't that occurred so far?... Has anyone any idea what's happening lately? Or better put into perspective, as it might be obvious for the rest of you, can anyone make me understand the mechanics of all of this :D? As proved so far, I'm not that clever when it comes to tokenomics.

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