Diplomas, Just a Museum Item

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I have graduated college almost twelve years ago. I have a degree in Journalism and I already knew from the second year of college that I will never be part of the mainstream media and will never work as a journalist.

Graduated from college just for the sake of my parents, as they have been my sponsors during my three years of college, and my graduation thesis was entitled Manipulative techniques used in the written press of Romania. I wanted to graduate in style and so I did it, got the lowest grade of the whole class and a lot of hate from my teachers, but I didn't care at all. I knew I can't bath in the pigs slump as some colleagues of mine have.

Was talking yesterday with a local who was very proud of his son for being good in school and that he hopes the kid will follow the course and score good grades all the way to graduation. I have never had good grades, although I'm no Steve Jobs either, but somehow intuitively I knew that school, especially the Romanian education won't benefit me too much.

Aside from reading, writing, counting and having learned English I don't use much of what I learned in almost fifteen years of school. Most of my time spent in all sort of classes has been nothing more but wasted time. I told that guy bragging about his kid's good performance in school that grades don't matter that much and neither diplomas will.


Not too much in the distant future we will probably won't even have schools anymore and the whole world is already practicing for this matter, thanks to covid. As the world is becoming more digital on almost every aspect of our existence many of the current jobs that humans are currently involved in will disappear. I doubt we will still have human doctors in five decades from now...

Machines will do probably 90% of the work for us and most of the work that humans would still need to deal with would be intellectual. At some point robots will replace programmers to, but the need for human direction and reasoning will probably still be around. Even when looking at the crypto space we see so many drop outs being involved in blockchain technology, trading and investing as well. Humanity has to reprofile. Quite a few of us won't be able to adapt though.

These will definitely fill applications for UBI while the rest being capable of getting involved in this future new economy won't need a diploma anymore, any diploma. I've mentioned in the introduction that I have a college degree that I have never used and basically nothing from my working background makes any sense to what I currently am, an amateur blogger and crypto investor.

I worked as a salesman soon after graduating, three years in a factory starting from a production worker to head of department, as a postman in Germany, house renovations in Norway, tourism, insurances and so on. None of them would qualify me for what I am. Will for sure never use my college diploma either and plenty of the young pupils all around the world won't need a diploma in ten years from now to make a living.

Diplomas and qualifications will become obsolete same as cash is. It won't happen over night, but gradually talent and #proofofbrain and actual results in one environment will determine one's wealth and ability to earn. Elon Musk himself told a few years ago that he's not asking for diplomas at Tesla.

At some point toilet paper will become of more value than what we now call diplomas. Skills over titles and recommendations will be the new norm. This way we will probably get rid of corruption as well and we'll have a fair distribution and use of power... Hope you're having a great day/evening and see you to the next one.

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