Is TikTok Making Us Dumber?

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I am not a fan of social media. I have ditched facebook and instagram about four years ago and been only using twitter quite intensely the past few years just to stay connected with crpto twitter. I have a Hive account since early 2018, but I honestly don't see Hive anything similar with facebook for example.

I get a lot of tiktoks from a friend of mine via telegram. He usually sends me all sort of funny clips and although not having an account I'm still able to watch them all. It's designed quite clever because as soon as you're finished with one video you're served another one and so on...

I presume that heavy users spend hours a day watching all sort of tiktoks and creating their own, contributing to the on going process of making this society as dumb as possible. Osho was a few decades saying that society doesn't want you to be smart and how right he was.

Staying in front of a smartphone screen all day everyday consuming social media content will definitely not help the humanity, or set it up for a strong evolutionary leap forward. Getting connected to this social media world somehow turns you into a passive human being. You do your daily duties, but as soon as there's some free time most of that will definitely be consumed on facebook, instagram or tiktok.


I was asked a few days ago if I have tiktok and my answer was loud and clear: I don't waste my time on the internet, I don't have facebook, instagram or tiktok. Ever since I got into Hive and got invested in crypto most of my time is spent on all sort of websites and communities related to this space.

I don't like being a product of such social medias, I don't like shaping my ass on a couch for hours a day scrolling through mainstream social media feeds and I definitely love being in control of my life. Such apps don't encourage you to be active, to think, be lucid or doubt anything. They have been designed to tame humanity into become obedient consumers and it's quite hard to escape the web.

Being involved in crypto, whether crypto twitter, Hive, Publish0x or whatever ways of creating and consuming related content is a whole different thing. It gets you involved, it makes you the owner of your time spent on such apps and it's definitely productive. Few are the ones that actually make money with facebook, instagram or tiktok.

Is TikTok Making Us Dumber?

Yes, because there are trends being dictated on twitter, we are turned into passive human beings, we're making our social media life a consumerism one and there's not much you can educate yourself with while wasting time on tiktok all day everyday. Not to mention that you might be at some point investing in all sort of crappy cryptos shilled by all sort of tiktok celebrities.

Twitter is a bit different, although not the best social media model, but definitely better. Titok is not something I would recommend. Wasting time on Hive is way more rewarding from any perspective you can imagine. You don't even need to be a crypto guy/gal to become a Hiver. We're more genuine around here, posts are definitely of a higher quality and interaction is also worthy of a top notch badge.

When people ask me around about social media I always talk Hive. It's my main piece of virtual land to waste my time on and the best I came across so far. I'm not a facebook user, nor a instagram one and definitely won't have a titok account, even if they pay me. I'm a Hiver and that's what I do...

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