Taxing your LEO rewards just to post this via

Come back to the light side.

I bet many kids these days would love to have a dad like you

I need a lot more crypto to be able to pay all those allowances.

Sci-Fi has an interesting effect on the future. Many theorize those writers are the ones who provide the roadmap for researchers and scientists to follow.

Interesting th...

RE: Up Only?!

seriously, you cannot see few people complaining about losing their life savings and then government interveening to try to ban all this? as they try to protect their citizens?

RE: Up Only?!

Haven't been paying much attention to what's going on lately, but I'm taking a wild guess that $40,000 is a whole lot closer. However, there's still definitely going to be more down movement.

I'm trying to stay hopeful for the next bullrun but I don't know, I don't expect so much out of it anymore....

RE: Bitcoin Or Alts, Which Will Offer The Most Gains For What's Left of The Bull Market?

Currently there are many alts with better performance than bitcoin that are worth looking at, I am investing in some for the long term because I know they will grow in a few months or a year, but bitcoin has stagnated a lot and although it is likely to start a new up cycle soon, it is unlikely to do...

RE: Mega Corps Are Getting In On Crypto

Yep, it makes me feel like the crypto winter or low point is only going to last a year this time around and not 3 years like the last. The cycles should be moving much faster and just like we saw with the internet where it was slow at first but has become mainstream so will crypto in following this ...

RE: Mega Corps Are Getting In On Crypto

In just a few short years we went from a vast majority of people not knowing what bitcoin was or even knowing there was another called Ethereum to now pretty much everyone having a good general idea of what they are. Now the tech and demand starts setting in for massive growth on all fronts.