RE: One Click Away From Financial Freedom

We have a wonderful Nigerian community on Hive and I hope it gets stronger. The ability to penetrate that country and change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people exists.

The only thing we need to do is get them on here and consistently involved. There is a lot of things forming which will...

RE: One Click Away From Financial Freedom

“Earning crypto” is the way to go. I think if more people understood that you don’t have to invest in crypto in order to participate we would have more people onboarding. Starting with nothing and building a nice crypto portfolio is possible.

RE: Technology Is Ruining The Central Banks' Plans

I dont think they have the understanding what the technological impact is upon their quantitative easing.

Remember, what we see from the Fed is the front people. Powell is now the bulk of the mindset there. They employ hundreds of economists trained in the theoretical.

RE: One Click Away From Financial Freedom

thanks to the internet and blockchain

Thanks to the Crypto revolution!