RE: LeoAlpha: A New Series

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AVA and RUNE are two gems that I found about in their quite early stages. The only reason why I haven't leveraged them properly is my own lack of discipline and impatience.

#askleo has come out of laziness. I usually post long form content for Leofinance, but one day I wasn't really in the mood of getting into details on a topic that I honestly didn't had much data to develop upon.

Hence I created my first #askleo post and after seeing that such a short post has generated quite some engagement I decided to continue and than I've noticed that some other users have used the tag as well.

As stated many times on my blog, Leofinance is my favorite community and I have plenty of reasons to say that, one of them being your constant effort in making it better and enhance our experience.

Good luck with your work and thanks for the tag.

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