RE: 10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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Printers are already dead imo or they should be in a matter of a few years. Curious about how death will be gone. Highly interesting times ahead.

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they are still used but rarely I do have 3d printer which I use more

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The paper printers may vanish or be execlusive or something. But printers in general are still necessary. I don't want to bend metal with a hammer.
We will print more things in the future.


I think he was referring to paper printers. The material printers are just getting started so their timeline is much longer. When nanotechnology advances, then additive manufacturing will be on the downslide. That is decades away before we even have working conceptions of that.

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It is a mature industry that is in decline. It will take a while to clear out. The retirement of the baby boomers and the advancement of the millennials in the corporate world is going to shake that up. The later is not going to put a printer on every desk.

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