Top 5 altcoins for a golden lion's moon bag 🤔

10 days ago
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Last bull market I got my entrance in crypto quite late and I mostly gambled my money in this market rather than investing properly. Moreover, I was the all in type of guy and diversification wasn't part of my strategy, if I had any...

This time I want to play my cards right and don't plan on keeping all the eggs in one basket. I want to diversify and to this point I managed to spread my money on several coins. I would like to jump from one to another though, trying to make the most of the bull market while knowing that not all of them are mooning at the same time.


Don't want to land on bombs of mass destruction though hence I need some shilling from you guys. What your moon bag consists of? I would also appreciate if you'd mention on any of them why you chose them.

I currently have in my bag some LTC, BAT, AVA and REQ. HIVE and LEO of course, and feelks like LTC is gonna have its mad run soon. Hence I will try to diversify more and spend some of them on other crypto. So, the more you shill me the better...

What can I offer in exchange for the shill? My full upvote and a big Thanks 😁. Hope you have a fantastic day ahead and see you to the next one. Pardon the mistakes in the post, I am typing it via my smartphone...

Thanks for attention,

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