$72 Billion Worth of Dumb Money

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I'm starting to hate Dogecoin I tell you... It was fun for a while, I'm perfectly aware that it has a tied community and it's also benefited from a lot of shilling and exposure lately, but investing in DOGE is pure madness, from a fundamental based perspective.

What use case does it have after all and with what is it superior to Hive for example?

Moreover DOGE has just become the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It's bigger than PayPal, Tether and probably a whole lot of national currencies out there and honestly I don't want a meme coin to become the money of the internet.


There are way better projects than that to become the money of the internet and imo DOGE's market capital right now is pure madness and living proof of how dumb money is acting. The more one coin is shilled on the internet, the more investors it's getting...

The crypto markets are definitely not showing any signs of maturity and despite the technological progress we're still driven by memes and hype. I know that in the past DOGE rallies have preceded strong altcoin seasons and we might see that pattern repeat, but DOGE's place right now is definitely not in the top 5.

HIVE and LEO on the other hand are struggling to hold $0.6. What the fuck is DOGE doing better than Hive? Nothing, absolutely nothing. It benefits from marketing, a quite involuntary one and a lot of hype. Hive doesn't have that because we're not willing to invest in marketing.

Maybe at one point we will learn how vital marketing is and start dedicating some funds and do something for a bit more exposure for Hive. It's such a pity to see this blockchain going under the radar and a meme coin such as DOGE having almost three times the total market capitalization of Hive.

Frustrating indeed... Yeah, this is probably one of my shittiest posts lately, but I had to put it out. I sometimes simply can't hold my rants and bad feelings from transforming into a post on the chain. Hope you're in a better mood than I am...

Thanks for attention,

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