Why am I all over the place. Why?

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I got a reply on some post today, I guess it was from @hitmeasap, and the guy was saying that I'm all over the place in this community and my answer was hell yeah, I'm all over the place and I'll cut the layers out of my extreme engagement so you get why I'm acting as such.

First of all, I don't have facebook or Instagram and that saves me a lot of time to be spent online. Those that are using these two social media networks know how what time hogs the two are. No facebook and insta means more time for blockchain social medias.

Despite all that, I am an opinionated person and been as such my whole life... sometimes too opinionated I would say. Hence scrolling through the leofinance feed all day, it's absolutely impossible for me not to find anything to pour my knowledge on... I am a wise person, forgot to mention that :))

I do need to briefly mention that I resonate a lot with the activity on leofinance and my biggest regret on Hive is that I haven't joined it earlier. No, I don't regret selling HIVE at 10 cents, but I regret a lot not being here from its early times.

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I also regret that I've walked the lone wolf path for too long, as a blockchain content creator, and somehow I'm trying now to balance my months of almost non existent engagement with this extreme one.

Leaving regrets behind, you should know that social media is designed to trigger dopamine in our brains whenever receiving notifications, and rushing to read them. I do get some notifications in here and loads of dopamine are released to my brain all day everyday. High amounts do create addiction...and that's when I'll call myself a leo addicted.

What else makes me be all over the place?

It's crypto for Christ's sake... and it's the best time to be part of this space... why wouldn't I be here all day, everyday...? I mean, I got the time, I got my smartphone and laptop at hand all time and the necessary crypto partners sharing their crypto content in here.

But you're not doing it for free after all... Well, no I'm not in that position, as quite a few of my comments are rewarded daily, my no.1 curator being @taskmaster4450le that came up with the initiative 10, aimed to boost engagement on leo, and also leading the charts on weekly comments, and I'd also add in this regard that three times in my leo existece I nailed 40 LEO per comment in rewards, all of them thanks to @onealfa.

Wouldn't you be all over the place if you can earn crypto by speaking your mind out, especially in the early stages of a bull market?

It's not all about money though, and I'm quite far away from cashing out any earned LEO, but more than that, as in the case of facebook, you can make virtual friends in here as well. Tbh the ones that I met on leo/hive are way better than 99% of my facebook friends. Left those away in 2017 when spitted out the blue pill and never got the taste of it anymore.

Last but not least, my activity as a quite highly engaged leo cub is some way of giving back to this community. I haven't invested a dime in my LP, as in the case of HP, and since quite many have put a lot of money in the game, I can't simply come and just take, and not giving anything back.

Hence I consider that by generating traffic on the platform I am somehow putting something on the table. It's not much but the least I can do. Hope you don't consider me a spammer yet, and if you do so...say it, I won't mind and see you to the next post. Have a great day wherever you might be in this world.

Thanks for attention,

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