How Noise Cash helps my Hive journey

I have been on noise.cash for quite some time. During this time the platform has changed its pa

Life on Hive is going to change a lot for the better!

You probably know that there is going to be a hard

Vibes the hidden Jewel on Hive

▶️ Watch on 3Speak There was a lot of hype around the proof of brain community and the POB token lately. The t

Low hive prices are an opportunity

During the last couple of weeks, I realized that the quantity of posts in my feed has been decreasing quite sensibly. In addition to that…

Why your upvotes matter

▶️ Watch on 3Speak During the last couple of days, I had plenty of questions that about voting on hive and I t

Checking out Safemoon

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This morning I started the day watching the Crypto Mondays Show by @jongolson and @blainjoi

How can you earn money with NFT's

In the crypto world and also outside of it, the term NFT is used more an more frequently. What is a NFT? NFT

Why we need small content on Hive

If you are active on hive, you probably realized that a lot of things are happening and only a very limited number of people are actually…

The Doge madness

I've been using Doge for more than 6 years. I've been running several faucets and I gave away thousands of Doge to users all over the…

Why Hive-Engine Tribes need a buy back program

▶️ Watch on 3Speak A couple of days ago, the ctp community started a new project called the @ctpchat. Inspired

What to do with your earnings?

For some time I have been building up on hive but also on other blockchains and lately I had some lucky stri

Time for a change of strategy

I have been playing the game Splinterlands for ages. When I look

New Noise.cash policy... Hivians might need to change their habits

I've started out on the microblogging website noise.cash about two months ago and I had a lot of fun on it

What are Diesel Pools and how they could bring DeFi innovation to Hive

During the last weeks wh

Looking into a new Hive-Engine tribe - Proof of Brain

Lately I have been receiving some POB tokens from curating po

The whole LEO supply of the week was burned!

If you have read through the documents linked to the new Cub finance platfor

Building stuff and reaching goals

In December 2020, I took the resolution to set goals

Liotes - The Magic

In this post we would like to present you the magic of the Liotes project... When you buy LENM miners, you will get payouts in the LEN…

You Can Buy Portion Of Bitcoin - And Portion of LENM

Like we said in our previous post and inside our Discord Server , we will use

Do we need influencers to promote Hive?

The other day I was watching a very interesting webinar between @jongolson and @taskmaster