1500 HP - My biggest power up this year

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Last month, I established a new record on HPUD by powering up 1200 Hive. Today, I managed to top that and did my highest power up so far with 1500 Hive staked.

I probably won't reach my goals but I'm getting closer than I expected. I set my goals in December 2021, I wanted to reach 35'000 Hive Power by the end of 2022 and I also wanted to have 10'000 HBD in my savings account.

Token25.12.21TodayTarget% reached
Hive Power18'824 HP31'123 HP35'000 HP76.03 %
HBD5'774 HBD8'820 HBD10'000 HBD72.07 %

Since the moment I set these goals, 341 days have passed. This represents 93% of the total duration between goal setting and final date. Since I have reached only 76% and 72% of my goals, I'm of course well behind schedule but the gap hasn't become bigger in the last months. Which is rather nice.

This month my HBD increased by 302, which is above average. The same can be said for my overall increase of HP which was 1859.

A Total of 1500 Hive Powered up

As I said above, I powered up a record amount of hive power. The reason why I could do such a big power up was related to Splinterlands once again. When I heard about the trouble of the company and the letting go of 45% of the staff, I came to the conclusion that I had too much money invested in the game. I love Splinterlands and I will continue to play the game but contrary to Hive, there is a company behind the game and if this company goes belly up, I believe that my assets in the game will at least lose a lot of value, if not become totally worthless. For this reason, I wanted to reduce my exposure and decided to liquidate my positions in the liquidity pools related to the game. I swapped all for hive and it freed close to 1000 Hive.

Only 9 posts written this month

During the past month, I wasn't very creative or productive and I managed only to produce 9 posts. My average is between 10 and 14 posts per month. So this is definitely not satisfactory. Hopefully, I will manage to make more posts in December.

*How much Hive have you powered up today?

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