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Unfortunately, many blockchain based games start out with an unsustainable token distribution. Therefore, whenever I join a new game, I like to have a look at it's tokenomics. This gives me some important information regarding the future value of the game tokens.

In this video, I have a look at the tokenomics of Splinterforge from the information that I could gather from the blockchain

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Hi Achim bro, it's great to see your video after a long time. I saw this game a week ago and did not find that inciting to play but the way you have explained it I think the game has a good earning potential and constant burning system to keep the token in stability.

Thanks for the review.


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It's not that easy to understand the game in the first place. But it's actually quite funny once you understand how it works. Thanks for stopping by!


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Thanks, great explanation. That could be a good place to park my forge once I have built enough of it up. I think I want to buy some crates first though.


To be able to have a chance to get the boss rewards, you need to buy some crates and some bags. Without a developped hero you get maybe 200 points. If you develop it fully in bronze you can get up to 2000 points per battle.


Thanks for stopping by.

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Great review and coverage of the tokens used there. Buying packs with the earnings looks like a doable thing.


I believe you need to buy a couple of crates to get started and then it's possible to rank in boss rewards. With the income from there you can easily purchase more crates and more bags to develop your hero.



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The tokenomics look fairly good but I don't think I will be getting a part of any pot rewards because I won't be in the top 100 but I guess earning some tokens for no input value isn't that bad.

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I believe you need to improve your hero to be able to rank in the top 100. But as you said, it's nice to get some tokens without having to invest first.


Achim, have you discovered how to level up cards? I haven't seen such an option. Although I may not have enough identical cards to level up. Just looked around yesterday, but haven't seen it.


Yes, you can level them up but only equipment cards (not runes or stones). Also you need to take care when you have sockets in place. If you do it wrong it can erase the sockets?!?.



Thank you for this review. I've been meaning to check it out but somehow, games overwhelm me, lol!

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