Splinterlands Fight and win on the way to the Top- Splinterlands Kämpfe und Gewinne auf dem Weg nach oben

Hello Splinterlands Fighters and Fans, Yes Strike so ist goes on the way back to the top. I enyoy to Play

Look around Zalakaros and Balaton area the Kilato-Rundblick über Zalakaros und die Balaton Ebene der Kilato


Fall in Love Oneup Invested-Oneup investiert -verliebt

Hello Friends, These days i was playing With my mobile phone on the Hive blockchain and had read something about the Oneup Token. After…

Pump it up the Hive Blockchain--Immer weiter aufpumpen der Hive Blockchain

Quelle Bild Hello friends of the Hive Blockchain, I thought I would make an investment in the Hive Blockchain. Oneup pumped up Leo…

What a F+++ it will be right---Was geht ab es geht weiter

Hello friends it goes on and I hardly believe it but nothing is impossible. Long live Splinterlands man ho

Das war knapp aber i take the dip---Take the dip

Hello friends of Splinterlands hard to believe but I just went off and made the opponent totally shit. I

Splinterlands what a fight--Splinterlands was für ein Kampf

Hello friends of Splinterlands, just played up to diamond league yesterday and dropped back to gold league-

APE#011 My first NFT on Hive Blockschain--Mein erster NFT von der Hive Blockchain Eng/D

Hello Friends just bought my first NFT on the Hive Blockchain called APE#011 his name is Luke Occupation:- Hive pop star Just…

The Sandbox-- Now i am in--The Sandbox-- Jetzt bin ich drin Eng/D

Quelle Bild Hello friends - I have now registered with TheSandbox. Think I'll play next season. Unfortunately,
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ONEUP Curation & Delegation Week 1 Report - Compiling 1st Week

Hello everyone, welcome to Koodies’s ONEUP Weekly Report whereby I will be doing a quick overview on whether delegating to ONEUP curator…


|This is a scheduled post, so it's possible that the winner hasn't been determined when this post is published. Always rea


THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: The first 20 people to: Drop !PIZZA in the comments When your PIZZA tip com
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Scam Alarm

Scam Alarm Achtung ein neuer Scammer am Werke! Wer wie z.B. @barmbo ein solches Comment bekommt: ![spam.JPG](h

Spruch des Tages---Quote of the Day---Entscheidung/ Decision

The hardest thing is making a decision, the rest is pure perseverance Jean-Louis Agassiz Das Schwierigste ist die Entscheidung, der…

Spruch des Tages--- Reichtümer

Ernest Hemingway Riches are not a life purpose, but an instrument of life Ernest Hemingway Reichtümer sind kein Lebenszweck, sondern…

Spruch des Tages---Erkenntnis

Realizing a single moment is sometimes worth as much as lifelong experience. Oscar Wilde Die Erkenntnis eines einzigen Augenblicks ist…

Spruch des Tages---Fahrrad

Arthur Godfrey Life is like a bicycle. In order not to constantly lose your balance, you have to constantly move Arthur Godfrey Das…

Spruch des Tages---Fehler

Andre Kostolany If you didn't make a mistake, but still lose, ... if you play another game Andre Kostolany Wenn du keinen Fehler…

📈 Hive is trying to break free

Hive is trying to break free Hive is showing relative strength these days, pumping above 1$ to 1.20$ while BTC is still well below 40k.…
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Rabona - And it's worth it after all / Und es lohnt sich doch [ENG/GER]

And it's worth it after all! In the meantime, I have been registered with Rabona since 65 Season. My football club, the Warsong Clan…