Ask Leo: Why is Crypto Market not stable?

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Hello great lions in this great community of leofinance. Welcome back to my blog this day. I believe that we are all doing well.


I don't know if I am the only one asking this question, but I don't seem to get the actual answer. I have had different answers from different people, yet I am not satisfied. My question is, who is behind the ups and down in cryptocurrency? Why can't the price be stable. I know that of a truth, some do gain alot from it, but is not enough reason for the price not to be stable. And do you also noticed that when ever the price of cion goes down, it affects barely everything in the market.

I thought as the lions of ♌ finance, we should have an idea of what is happening in the market. But not withstanding, I am beginning to understand that Once cryptocurrency is reaching closer to it's design, that is the height it is meant to get to, the higher the price will get. So, everyone one is always ready waiting for cryptocurrency to get to that level when there will be much profit, especially for those who have stored some coin. And also if the price in the market is unstable, it is also because it is design to be unstable. The joy there is the instability. It has a way of controlling the price of other things. Somehow, cryptocurrency is connected to other Financial matters, and that is why it controls them.

So, as a cryptocurrency lover and also a blogger, w I need to keep my eyes wide open to the price of cryptocurrency. Otherwise it may affect me negatively. When I monitor the market, it will help me to know when to store coins and also help me to know when to dispose them for profit making.

Cryptocurrency is the lord of all FINANCE. So it is okay for it not to be stable, so that it can control the rest. We have the more advantage that others may not have because we are privileged to be leofinance fan, and we are always presented with the first hand information of how cryptocurrency is in the market. Most people have grabbed opportunities like that.and used it to become great in life, by storing and disposing at the right time.

Great ♌ leofinance community, great all it's fans. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for being there. I do appreciate everyone.

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It's normal for it not to be stable. If you liken crypto currency to our paper currency you will know they aren't stable also. It's value can increase or decrease at anytime, we only have to be observant to know the trend


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True, leofinance community feed us with great financial information and it helps us to know when we should buy and hold our coins, thank you for saying this @adaezeinchrist


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