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Having gone through a special weekend, I just want to welcome everyone back to my blog this beautiful day. Hope you also enjoyed yourself?

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Over the weekend, I went through a post " a guide for posting in leofinance by @zestimony which really opened my eyes to so many things that I never knew about this community before now. I also took time to go through some of the bloggers he mentioned in his post: @taskmaster4450, @geekgirl, and I saw for myself what he meant. I wished that I saw this post early when I started posting in leofinance, the sky would have been my limit by now. Though I thank God, the post also came at the right time. And I also desire that all those who desire to be making post in leofinance community would have time to go through it. I have reblogged it so as to encourage people to read it so that they will know the right thing to be done here.

Moving away from that I would love to talk about the need to look deeply before dipping your legs into a river the first time of seeing the river. Why I want to talk about it is because I had a little problem after some months when I started hiving. If I had seen any guide and went through it, or the right word should be, if I had searched for any guide, I wouldn't have entered into such problem in the first place.

One of the major thing that touched me when I went through @zestimony's post is the issue of plagiarism. Because this was were I missed it before, and I will never wished even my worse enemy to be affected with that disease. You may be surprised that I call it a disease. Yes it is. Because before you recover from it, it will take a long time. But thank God that I am out of it now.

Plagiarism checker is very important. I never used it before and I believe that was the main reason I had that problem in the first place. I am also thinking of taking time to put down my little experience with plagiarism, how I got involved and what I went through the period of my sixty days appeal. It was not funny at all. Like I said, no one should ever experience that, and that is the very reason we should make it very clear for new leofinance friends coming in to make their post so as to avoid being victims.

I have been thinking of how to use my experience to encourage bloggers not to fall victims of plagiarism, but from @zestimony's post, I have decided that In my next post, I will love to talk more broadly about what I went through for that sixty days when I had to do my appeal for plagiarism so as to help others not to fall into the same river that almost swallowed me. I came out of that river by God's mercy. As I went through the blog of some people who have been affected by plagiarism as a disease, I noticed that that same river swallowed them and they never came out of it again. Don't worry, I will make it clear the next time will be seeing each other.

We will meet in my next post to continue this discussion. Do have a great day.
Still your friend @adaezinchrist.

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