dCrops: Why the next Four Seasons Matter

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Disclaimer: Not a financial advice. Research into things before you start putting your money into them.

dCrops recently sold out all the ALPHA packs and the only ones remaining are held in reserve by @scriptkittie for future promotional use, you can check the richlist from DCALPHA (it’s alpha packs but a different name).

I considered the previous seasons for the game weren’t as significant as the upcoming seasons. There wasn’t a lot of competition for the reward pool. There were still unopened and unsold packs that it was different to gauge how tight the market value is for playing the game.

Opting to hold CROP for holding rewards vs selling CROP didn’t test overall player sentiment for the game. There were too many holders that it kept the market less liquid and kept the value of CROP at 0.002$ (it was thought to be pegged to 0.001$ as each pack was worth 2$). The next four seasons will test player what kind of player make up majority of the game.

Here are the key points to expect from the next four seasons:

  • More players joining into the leaderboards.

With the sudden surge of new accounts that bought up the packs, I can expect new names on the leaderboards which further dilutes the value of my shares produced and CROP earnings for each season. Packs will be opened and cards will be put into use.

  • Prices for individual cards will increase.

There’s only the game’s in-game market, hive engine alpha packs and peer to peer transactions to source your cards to play. Assuming more people wanted to jump into the hype but were too late, their next best option is to buy individual lands and seeds. The problem will be the artificial scarcity some hoarders will be creating in the market.

  • Some NFT’s are more rare than others and will be more rare on succeeding editions.

We don’t have a global stat that displays how many seeds of its kind or land are printed. There were no fixed printing caps for each NFT. This makes it difficult to gauge the value of each card in relation to how much out there is in circulation.

The cat has hinted of using the existing cards as components for combining new cards in the future. This is all nice to know but nothing is set in stone so value is still just out there for speculation. What I do know is how much artificial scarcity plays an important role in price as players want to collect even when the cards don’t bring the equivalent utility value.

  • Holders and dumpers will be decided.

Beta edition was hinted to be not near anytime soon and probably going to be launched by next year. Then again a lot of the things the cat says on discord isn’t official and can change on a whim. But it’s reasonable to expect that the longer the interval between content is released, the lesser the enthusiasm for the game.

I’m also going to guess that the future packs can be bought with CROP tokens so people that keep on stacking CROP for holding rewards may find the wait rewarding. But for players that want to chase financial opportunities somewhere else, it’s understandable to let go their CROP than bank on the hope that updates may come. The game hasn’t released a white paper as far as I know and at the time of this writing.

There not much content to the game beyond passive clicking. So it's really really really just a passive cryptogame. I guess you can say manually planting, harvesting, and waiting for the loading screen are the only active parts of the game. It's understandable that people will drop it as soon as those updates don't come consistently (begging uncertainty).

  • The four seasons will test how many active cards are in circulation.

Each season is an opportunity for some players to use their other seeds they couldn’t on the previous season. Given the unpredictable number of seeds of its kind out there printed (no global stat for circulation), we can use the rankings to see how much of the player base has opted to actively play vs hold packs. If my CROP earnings remained fairly constant throughout the seasons, I would assume that there are more holders of CROP power than active players.

  • Holding rewards may possibly go down.

30% of the pack sales goes to powering up the dcrops account that shells out the daily 0.25% holding rewards. No packs to be sold means we have to settle for other income streams for the account. Holding rewards are replenished via curation and posting rewards from the official account, we can expect the numbers on our APY to slowly decrease as more players accumulate CROP power by hoarding tokens or buying from Hive Engine market.

The current feature set to be released before the end of this season are the quests. It adds more dimension to game as players now have other goals than rack up more shares for CROP. Quest rewards in the game give some boosts.

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