Coinbase expanding in Brazil with pix payment platform for smooth transaction

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The US leading cryptocurrency exchange announced expansion of it ecosystem to Brazilian crypto lovers and its stock surge 12% after the announcement on Tuesday.

I believe in short period of time there will be crypto massive adoption in the world, even with volatile of the market more people are still going to embraced cryptocurrency and good project coming. Coinbase expansion is great thing to talk about, I see its step expanding to brazil as one of the biggest thing to give people financial freedom in the world.

Brazil is one of the largest economy country in America after U.S and Canada, they are know for their football love, also know for their Bitcoin ETFs that can't be compare to any other Latin American nation. Part of the country adopt cryptocurrency and other part are not due to less crypto exchanges and some don't offer the use of Brazilian reals. However, Coinbase focused on Brazil by investing in local crypto companies in the country to expand it trading to people in Brazil. The venture will provide a platform that will allow customers in Brazil to sell and buy crypto with Brazilian reals.

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This idea of buying crypto with real and be able to withdraw reals will serve the country in long way because most of exchanges in the country make use of credit card, but Coinbase feature will bring more crypto adoption in Brazil.

The customer in the country don't have to wait and get their money converted to dollar or have a card before trading, it will be so easy for them to buy through their local currency and also withdraw their currency instantly from the exchange. Coinbase collaborate with instant payment platform Pix to make this possible.

Coinbase lately focused on Portuguese countries will bring masses adoption and democratize access to crypto economy globally. And this has been seeing through Coinbase, that the company is bringing something that have value to the people, giving them access to crypto freedom and embrace of local currency in exchanges.

One thing I would like Coinbase to integrate is security level of the platform. Brazilian needs something that will be trustworthy and reliable platform to keep their assets and I hope Coinbase is ready to meet their demands.

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