Investment and Savings is the key for brighter future

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The inflation in Nigeria has make citizen getting things in hard, especially time when the price of market rise the money you can use to buy two things before is no more enough to get a single thing at market, everyone is complain things are getting harder people are using almost all of their income to buy things at high rate and the salary of workers is not increasing. Living under a country where a little thing will cause inflation and nothing will cause to bring the price down lower again.

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I visit a market yesterday I totally know things are not getting back to it normal price anymore, I went to buy one of my favourite thing but when getting there the price have changed 3x the normal price I got it last time, meanwhile this will continue increase if I don't afford it at moment, things of my country never get back to normal rather it will keep inflating.

I believe all this hyperinflation are cause by the government, the government are unable to regulate the county is such a way it will please every individual. Keeping the price of thing high without looking at the damage it will cause to people living in the country Is most common in the midst of our government. Recently the price of dollar skyrocket 3x is normal price last week which I believe seeing it as low as before is not possible again.

to get over this period

Is not that easy to save or invest part of your income at this period of time but believe me is the best tool to cultivate and it a way forward to sustained ourselves for the future.
The more things are getting high the more the standard of living will be high, so saving and Investment into the future will make the living so easy when the time comes, cause it will still get to an extent where almost salary will go for feeding and nothing left out and the money you're savings right now will be your saver.

Looking at it in different perspective Saving & invest is one of the most best tool to cultivate during this bearish time, although our government don't support Crypto but we know how we do our things,. This time when things is high and nothing worth $1 in market again is the best way to look into Crypto as our future investment and also make use of this bearish time to Invest for the future.

I still have $150 right now I removed from bank I don't want it to go in spending cause it won't worth anything in market, therefore still looking at best coin to put in my portfolio at this time of Bearish, if anyone could've help me with good suggestion It will be much appreciated

Thank you for Reading me

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I just come across your page and I'm drawn already to your content so I followed you. Can't wait to read more from you.

Investment is a keen thing to consider if one wants financial freedom. I'm so grateful for hive which has given us the opportunity to automatically invest in crypto.


Investing is best tool to help in the nearest future and hive has given everyone here on blockchain the opportunity. Thank for finding this post meaningful.

Best regards @gloriaolar

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Regarding your request concerning the 150 dollars… it’s hard to give an advice since it depends on what crypto you already own and if that’s the only investment you have.
My backbone of investment is a well diversified stocks portfolio (easiest is a World ETF) and on top of that some crypto. My biggest positions in that area are BTC & Hive.


Your suggestion is good and it will produce a good useful if I diversify my portfolio.
Thanks for sharing.

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🙋🏼‍♂️ Just let me know in case you need further info. Helping to structure an diversified investment portfolio is one of my core competencies.
Regards Thomas


I'll definitely need your help cause I've been willing to know more about others leofinance project, cubfinance, PolyCub and invest in the future.

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