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Hello hive! Welcome to #NeedleworkMonday post
So today, I will be sharing the procedure of making a waist bead using a glow in the dark bead with the combination of a sand bead and a crystal bead.


Waist beads has become a fashion trend among Africa ladies, it is a combination of glass beads on a string worn to adorn the waist.
Bead crafting is all about creativity, you map out the design of your choice or how colourful you want it to be base on your insight and choice.

Materials needed:

Beads (gold sand bead, gold crystal bead, bronze crystal bead and glow in the dark bead)


Fishing line (0.50mm)


Tape rule

Screw hook




Firstly, you measure out your fishing line which is determined by the waist size + 12" allowance and then start inserting the beads inside it


Then after the insertion, you measure it out again with your tape rule to be sure it's exactly the waist measurement + 2" ease allowance then, you insert your hook on one side while holding the other side firmly so that the beads won't spill from there and after you insert from the other side too, unscrew your hook, insert half part to each end and tie knot firmly, you neaten both sides by cutting out the remains of the line (if there is any) and then your glowing and amazing waist bead is ready for use.

Yeah, its that simple and easy to craft within an hour and 30minutes



Thank you for stopping by 💜 I hope you like it? 🙂

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