Good Step on Noise Cash : BE-CAREFULLY

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Hi lions

Goood eve!
at this time many Pasive income Projects are active in Blockchains mostly are Promoted and many promoted by Ads !!!
2 months ago i created an account at NOISE.CASH My-ACCOUNT with the Help of @offgridlife
i got tip in 1USD i an day
on any Contents Like SHITTTT
but for now

They are Stop Tipping to LOW CONTENTS .....



any way they are right
because the are investing hundreds of #Bitcoincash in TIPS so they are the Boss ...
i am also agree with this

  • we should respect the fowling the rules (LEO STEEM HIVE) look we have 10 Blockchains there we Promote our Posts Like #palnet #leo #neoxian #proofofbrain #hive so we should post here about only #BCH
  • They are disagree with Internet Photos We should create own photos for getting Tip
  • They are disagree with SUB for Subscribers
  • what a stupid thinks to do with TIP like #Givewaysa at Noisecash
  • Like i am going to Washroom haha
  • Like its my own garden place
  • Helw | Woow | Good Post | sub for Sub | these are stupid things to do
    even Hive and steem also Dislike contents Like this
    if you agree about this rules so you can Get !
    in the previous Post of mr Trumpman i saw this is not good thoughts about #LEO #HIVE #STEEMIT they have set a goal for #bitcoincash related post to Promoting this currency ...
    a got give worth in tip with writing about only specimens that they like and appreciate
    anyway i hope you all are understand Hope you want
    TIP in #BitcoinCash
    so Chose Good Quality Contents

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