Ethereum now live on Hive-Engine!

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WOOHOO! The day is finally here. You can now deposit and withdraw ETH onto Hive-Engine. This work is a combination of @harpagon and @cryptomancer. @harpagon has largely stopped working on the project but was inspired enough to do this one piece. Cryptomancer made significant changes and got it live on the back end. Reaz followed up and finished off the job by putting it live on!

Great team effort guys!

This has been a requested feature for 2 years running. I'm happy to get this one live on the site. You'll have to go through for now to do it. We're still adding it to

ERC20s next

Next up we'll be adding ERC20 support. This is actually not as big of a project as feared and may be live this coming week.


Once ERC20s are live Cryptomancer will start on a larger project of getting Hive-Engine tokens wrapped onto Ethereum. You've seen this already with wLEO, but we want a process that's a little different and fit to scale many tokens on the same server. So, we have some work to do. Maybe by the end of April this feature will be live.

Like this work and functionality?

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