FarmFarmer and Mythical update: Adding new utility

10 days ago
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Hey guys, so I've been working on getting additional utility to these tokens. The first one is that Rising Star now accepts $FARM. I'm hoping that we figure out an NFT swap and possibly have an exclusive card or two available in the game. We'll see.

The second one is DCity. I sold Gerber 8000 BEE for 8000 Hive. I've used that Hive to purchase DCity cards. FarmFarmer and Mythical each now have DCities.

I'm in talks with a few other projects. I'm putting out a public call right now to NFTShowroom artists. If you'd like to exchange your NFT Art for FarmFarmer or Mythical NFTs I'm open to that.

As for Splinterlands, I'll start by buying ~$600 worth of rare cards and making them available for FARM and MYTHICAL. Splinterlands is a separate buisness with separate ownership. That company has declined larger projects with larger ecosystems so until there's much more volume it'll have to be through this kind of private deal that FARM is tradable for Splinterlands NFTs.

Development Roadmap

Cryptomancer - finishing Pack Manager details, and adding Eth to Hive-Engine. Then we'll make a tweak to allow the NFT market contract to have an "agent." Agents cut a get of the market sale if it happens through their webpage. This allows for an Open Sea like marketplace without screwing over the original marketplace.

Reaz- He's working on a project for PALnet right now, but when that's complete we'll spend a day or two adding a little market to FarmFarmer and Mythical so that we can sell stuff that we've purchased from other games here.

Next Game?

When I first released Mythical I thought of it as a second and totally independent game. Players and others didn't think of it that way and thought of it as two editions of the same thing put out too rapidly together. This was also a little unexpected as the number one question for FARM was "when will you make more utility for FARM?" Which Mythical was mean to address.

Anyway, I'm going to put out more games, especially as we add new smart contracts to the platform, but at least this next game will work like the DICE packs for Slinterlands. It'll be another set of NFTs that you can purchase, but in this case they'll be nearly exclusively available by burning tokens to get them.

The primary ways to get the tokens will be burning: FARM, MYTHICAL, SERPENTIS, and HIVE. So, think of this as an exclusive game for holders and burners of those tokens.

That said, we've also released an airdrop and claimdrop smart contract and I want to demonstrate the use. So, I'm going to send out a fungible token which will release a small amount of cards through a claimdrop to BEE stakers and an airdrop to WORKERBEE stakers.

What I won't do is sell cards for cash in this next game. This next game is incredibly important to release to showcase the new "Pack Manager" contract. It'll demonstrate how people can create sellable packs (like Splinterlands) and sell their NFTs in a provably random distribution via a modular, no-code, smart contract.

Believe it or not this is actually hard to do and hard to find. I've looked for a few years to find a reasonable approach to this in order to print physical game cards. It doesn't really exist unless you're a giant distributor. Allowing this in a digital environment is a big deal!

Why should you support FarmFarmer and Mythical?

We're working on a lot of stuff: a free market taker, a free beechatter android app (we already released the free way apps can incorporate it), new smart contracts like having a role that's voted in like a witness and paid through a smart contract, we're adding ETH and ERC20s to the exchange, and hoping to get a Uniswap style pool exchange available to everyone. I'm currently planning on that pool having a small fee, but the entirety of the fee going to Liquidity Providers.

I'm also working on a way to get Hive-Engine NFTs tradable on other markets as well. That could be over on Ethereum or it could be on other platforms as well. Combining the Hive community with capital markets from other chains should be a great benefit to us all.

That said...

The Hive-Engine ecosystem is a combination of services which are free on the backend, sometimes require burn payments, accept service payments, or have NFTs for sale. In order for us to continue or speed up development and showcase how these things work we're making games and offering NFTs for sale. If you'd like to support the development of Hive-Engine kindly consider purchasing some of those NFTs at and

In terms of seeing the other stuff you can purchase for FARM and MYTHICAL I'm expecting 3-4 weeks before it's live, but I'm hoping to have those markets up and running before the end of the year. Right now FarmFarmer is about 30% sold out, and Mythical is about 5% sold out, but in both cases players are earning 100% of the possible rewards. Shortly, those rewards will be tradable for many different game tokens on Hive/Hive-Engine. Consider buying some NFTS from these games to support the ecosystem and earn FARM and MYTHICAL while the game still isn't sold out.

Call for Barter

Again, if you have NFTs that you'd like to exchange for MYTHCIAL NFTs or FARMFARMER NFTs then kindly message me in Discord and we'll swap now and have those listed for sale shortly too. If nothing else it's a fairly cheap way to advertise your product on another site.

Thanks to Rising Star and Dcity

I appreciate the opportunity to exchange tokens with games and look forward to integration as we go.