IBM To Use Blockchain Tech For Covid Passports In NY

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This is something I hoped I would never see!

It looks like IBM is up to it's old tricks again, using technology to track the movement and activity of humans. Remember that IBM helped facilitate Nazi genocide through the production and tabulation of punch card systems for Hitler Germany & other European nations.


IBM wasn't the only multinational company to capitalize on a World War to turn a profit, other companies such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, Adidas, and Kodak also have been found to have business links to Nazi Germany.

New York State Funds Covid-19 Blockchain Passport Initiative

Blockchain technology can and will have many different use cases emerge over the coming decades. Some of these uses will be to the benefit of a free and open society, and unfortunately some will be used strip citizens of their civil liberties and contribute to a have and have not society.

I have come to believe that governments won't have to enforce the future of a have access and dont have access society, instead they will enable and incentive private business to do this for them under the guise of "opening up the economy".

IBM's state sponsored Covid-19 Passport looks to be an example of exactly this.

Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of Excelsior Pass to Help Fast-Track Reopening of Businesses and Entertainment Venues Statewide.

Last week it was officially announced by NY state government agencies that a vaccine passport will be made available and will be initially adopted by companies and facilities such as Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Times Union Center in Albany.

What does this mean for New Yorkers? If you want to go see an event at Madison Square garden in the future you'll likely need to present proof of vaccination.


Government Pitches This as Opening The economy

Take a quick read through the governments press release or website and you'll quickly see how this is being presented.

We see phrases like "Voluntary Way to Share COVID-19 Vaccination", "New Yorkers Can Opt In to Use Excelsior Pass", "Excelsior Pass Can Be Used by Participating New Yorkers at Theaters, Major Stadiums and Arenas, Weddings Receptions, Catered Events & Other Events".

Common man, it's totally voluntary!

It's safe and secure and totally voluntary. All you have to do is get a vaccine, let the government and IBM track your private heath records and you can participate in society again! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal huh?

Creation of a Have Access and No Access Society

Worst case scenario I can see a future society where government and big tech continue to collude to track and manipulate society into giving up your civil liberties, this time in the name of voluntarily participating in society and opening up the economy.

A large percentage of the population may choose to never have a vaccine, and by doing so may be excluding themselves, or essentially being forced to withdraw from participating in a wide range of activities.

Imagine not having a vaccine and not being allowed to enter your grocery store, not allowed into a concert venue to see your favourite band, not being able to enter a wedding venue to see family member celebrate special moments, or not being able to enter a hospital to say your final words to a dying loved one.

This certainly won't sit well for that portion of the population that is potentially unable to participate in society while another class of citizens is granted full access.

What role will the media play in all this? Do you think they will side with the pharmaceutical companies selling vaccines and the state money that is being supplied to those companies that are voluntarily participating in restricting access for a portion of the population? Considering they are essentially owned by the same interests, yes that's exactly what I see happening.

I believe the media will likely use fear tactics to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, for a media cycle that could fill a void left behind from the absence of their former headline generating president.

Final Thoughts

I am personally not pro or anti vaccine. When it comes to things like this I support the right to choose. By this same measure I support the right for private companies to choose who they allow into their stadiums and venues. It's their property, their decision, but I don't have to like it and I certainly don't have to like government using tax dollars to fund this on the back end.

NY is pressing ahead with this and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest of California follows suite. That said there certainly will be states that reject the use of this technology and form different opinions and strategies to "open their economies".

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