Musk Pumps and Musk Dumps!

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He pumps and he dumps and all you can do is sit there and take it right? Maybe you bob and weave, and even throw a counter punch right to the face.

Is Musk pandering to the woke mob now? I have to wonder if he sees bitcoin as a serious attack vector on Tesla, right. With Tesla intertwined with Bitcoin, an attack on Bitcoin can become an attack on Tesla.


Tesla No Longer Accepting Bitcoin

With a couple quick tweets Elon has put some separation between bitcoin and Tesla, in what I have to assume is an effort to mitigate risk.

That risk being an attack from the woke mob and media, resulting in a potential PR disaster which could have a direct negative impact on it's investors.


Listen mother fucker do you know how much energy is used by YouTube and social media like Twitter?

More than Bitcoin and it's for entertainment purposes, not a revolutionary technology that could one day be the world primary reserve asset.

  • Each tweet sent consumes about 90 joules of enery.
  • Each tweet emits about 0.02 grams of C02 into the atmosphere.

Guess you better quit Twitter there Elon!

Let's go, put your money where your mouth is big boy.

Nah, that will never happen. Woke mob won't attack their own censorship riddled mouth piece in Twitter for it's energy consuption, that would be too logical.

The Elon Dump

I often write bits about the Elon pumps, which we can all benefit from. That's the easy one, wake up in the morning and everything is green, and the account value is up!

With the Elon dumps things are a little different but there is still opportunity to...



Thank you Elon for this opportunity to pick up a little ETH & BNB on the cheap!

I guess in the end this is how you can look at these things. I'm not always in a position with stable coins on the side ready to buy but in this case I was thankfully.

What did you buy this dip?

Ciao for now,


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