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When I earn tokens you earn tokens!

One of the most powerful and possibly overlooked aspects of creating content on a tokenized ecosystem like LeoFinance.


From time to time I will make content that promotes LeoFinance or highlights some of the features or aspects that I am really excited about. Posts like this are designed to be cross-posted outside of the LeoFinance ecosystem with the intent of generating buzz & excitement and enticing potential new users into exploring the ecosystem.

When I Earn Tokens You Earn Tokens!

I obviously enjoy creating content here on LeoFinance, and am incredibly grateful for the support I receive on a daily basis. But then I also remember that when I create quality content that earns tokens I am also earning you tokens!

A tokenized positive feedback loop.

When authors produce quality content on a regular basis this signals to the ecosystem an opportunity for curators to earn. Content consumers and curators then upvote and support this content which encourages the author to maintain that level of quality. This in turn earns both creators and curators more tokens and the loop is complete.

As An Example

In a fairly recent report I saw that I was mentioned as one of the top earning content creators on LeoFinance, top 10 at the time I believe, with a past 30 day scheduled payout in the area of $700 USD.

Half of this goes to curators, and I am happy to earn you money! Again the better I do as an author, the more earning potential for everyone, the positive feedback loop in effect.

Author/Curator Revenue Split

I have always been a fan of a generous author curator split, for example the 50/50 split that is used by (50% revenue to Author & 50% revenue to Curator). I know some people will disagree and have other opinions and I'm willing to here them out.

I think the argument is sometimes the old chicken vs the egg argument. Some people will argue in favour of let's say a 60/40 split or more, with the intent being to incentive high quality content creation first and foremost. The thought may be that without high quality content the platform won't attract users, but personally I think this vision is too narrow.

One of the big value adds of tokenized ecosystems is that they can be designed to encourage and incentive many different ways to participate. Think staking, and earning interest on stake, or governance rights, or curation rewards and content discovery, or even bigger picture like blockchain interoperability.

All of these mechanisms are designed to incentivize different ways to participate and add value to a network. The more users within a network the more value the network and it's token holds (Metcalf's Law).

In short this is an awesome ecosystem and I enjoy earning us tokens!

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