Tokenized Collectibles To Celebrate HIVE's ATH

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HIVE hit an ATH last night and I created an NFT to commemorate the occasion!

Actually I wanted to do something fun for someone who had been calling for $1 HIVE for many moons now and I'm pretty sure I teased him every time. To the Man Cave's own resident HIVE Moonboy @raymondspeaks, this NFT's for you.


As I'm sure you know HIVE went on a little pump last night to a new ATH in the area of $1.05 USD. Korean pump or not I really didn't think we would see $1 HIVE this soon, or even this bull run for that matter. But that said, anything is possible, and I should learn to be a little more optimistic because why not.

NFT Showroom

So today I wanted to have a little fun with it and make an NFT to commemorate the ATH and send the #1 mint to Ray as a token of appreciation for his Moonboy ways.

Definition of Moonboy

Someone who has just invested 100$ in a shitcoin (see shitcoin) and think he'll be driving a lambo (see lambo) next week.

I commissioned a close friend of mine who's a wiz with Houdini to help whip up an animated piece, and etch this moment in HIVE blockchain history permanently into the blockchain with a Non Fungible Token.

3 limited edition NFT's were minted with the #1 mint going to our moonboy and the remaining 2 collectibles going up for sale at our local NFT Showroom gallery.

Commemorating $1 HIVE


Description: On March 27th, 2021 HIVE achieved a new ATH of $1.05 USD. This limited edition NFT commemorates that moment in all it's glory.

All proceeds raised from the sale will go to my therapy sessions.

The remaining 2 limited edition NFT's can be viewed here on NFT Showroom.

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