Two Upgrades I'm Pumped About!

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Drip drip drip and we got a few tweaks recently to our favourite frontend that I've been hoping to see, those being total HIVE followers and the big one for me, notifications!


Totals hive followers is just a small one really but I've always wondered why there was a separation between actual HIVE blockchain followers and only LeoFinance followers.


My total followers number now reflects all of the network connections I've made over the past 4 years on this blockchain, a nice touch that I appreciate.

I'm sure there was a reason for the number previously only reflecting connections made only on this specific front end [].

There's probably pros and cons to both but I think for those of us that have been around and have been building for years it's a nice touch.


Notifications Are Working!

Obviously a big one and I'm sure many of you have been enjoying this, especially those that make a point of engaging!

For me personally this is a big deal because I'm into engaging with people and have always enjoyed the two way back and forth, helps to get to know people that much better.

This change now means that less conversation will slip through the cracks, so thank you for this addition!

It's a time saver and I have to think it's a big value add for the network if engagement is something that is deemed essential for the health of the platform, which I'm sure it is.

Stay Sane Out There

Rough waters in the crypto markets this past week and continuing into the weekend, hang in there, things will get better, this isn't the end.

It's a long weekend here in Canada so happy May 24 to my Canadian Lions and for everyone else out there hope it's a good.

Ciao for now,


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