Unspoken Benefits of NFT Hyper Mode

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This is peak NFT Mania, but it's the unspoken impacts that are most important.

Who isn't launching NFT's right now? This is peak NFT 100% and the doors have been blown wide open for almost anyone earth to mint NFT's.


Recent NFT projects include the likes of the NFL's Manning Bros, and Tom Brady among others who will attempt to cash in by launching their own digital collectibles. While it may seem cheesy as hell make no mistake, there's a revolution happening within the collectibles industry as more and more value is being transferred to blockchain tech.

NFT Bubble or Not It Doesn't Matter

Yeah it's probably a bubble but isn't that just how things always go as they come to reach a tipping point?

As is usually the case with things that are shiny and new and exciting, there will be winners and loosers. That said I think there will be a lot of winners when it comes to early NFT collectors.

The same way that we here can all win by being early into crypto, we have the best seat in the house to position ourselves for success into the future if we play our cards right. NFT's are no exception, in fact when it comes to collectibles the first generations of a collectible product almost always go down in history as the most valuable.

Mind you a turd today will still be a turd tomorrow, however there are definitely new digital collectibles being released now that will be worth fortunes in the future.

The Benefits of NFT Hysteria

There is a massive silver lining here that's hardly being discussed and I'm ok with the fact that it's flying low key right now, although it's part of the driving force behind the craze.

True digital asset ownership.

For the first time in human history people are growing accustom to owning their digital collectibles, even if it's for an over priced and over hyped turd sandwich, it doesn't much matter!

It's the bigger picture that matters here, as true digital ownership will quickly be the norm, the basic expectation, and this is a revolutionary change!

And I'm totally ok if this fly's under the radar for the rest of the year as more and more people pile into NFT's. Once the masses have a taste for owning their digital assets there's no going back, the cat is out of the bag as the proverbial saying goes.

So we'll just sit back, grab some pop corn and maybe purchase a few collectibles for our own stash, and watch as the world shows is thirst for hype, greed, and cash and inadvertently drives digital collectibles and true digital ownership through a revolution that can't be undone.

Cringe Worthy But Who Cares

The headlines aren't going to stop any time soon and it's pretty cringe at times but who cares, we're witnessing a once in a life time digital ownership paradigm shift.

So we're going to have to sit here and watch every goofy athlete, rock star, and pop star icon on the planet launch an NFT. But the benefits are huge and far reaching, it's only a matter of time before this bleeds into almost every other factor of digital ownership.

Remember when Kodak announced in 2017 or 2018 that they were moving into DRM?

I hope they have been building because they could be in a great position right now.

NFT's are first, sure, but why not every photo, why not everything that I produce digitally? Blockchain DRM should be built into my mobile phone with a hash of my best photos automatically being recorded to blockchain, and if I want to sell those photos there's a market where I can transact directly P2P. See where this is going?

It won't stop at NFT's, mark my words every photo, every video, every bit of originally composed music, digital art, avatars, in-game items, it's all going to use blockchain DRM and P2P markets.

NFT's are just the messy over hyped flood gates, but they've been blown wide open which is all I can ask!

Final Thoughts

I really thought Blockchain gaming would be first to bring blockchain and digital ownership to the masses but I was wrong, it's NFT's. But really at this point all that matters is that it's happening.

Blockchain gaming just might have to take a back seat for another couple years but my bet is it's soon to follow.

Ciao for now,


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