Where Would You Park 1 BTC Today For Yield Farming?

3 days ago
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Asking for a friend..

Lot's of options but if I was looking for the most trusted yield farm where would you suggest?

Not nessasarily interested in the best yields or the most exotic token pairs, but I'm looking for the number 1 trusted yield farm out there. Platform and pair..

Opinions Needed

I'm familiar with some of the options, and probably by now many of the main ones. But I would like input from anyone that has experience with yield farms and has done some research previously.

I may the opportunity in the very near future to invest 1 coin passively to earn yield. My job is to research and find the most trusted platforms and select the lowest risk option. I can't say more then that right now.

I'm doing research, and part of that research and reaching out to the LeoFinance community for opinions.

Farming Options

I'm looking for farms that have been audited, here's an audit resource I'm looking at that shows audits.

In addition to this I'm not interested in new projects, looking to lower the risk of a rug pull as much as possible.

Option I'm considering:

PancakeSwap - CAKE Pool
(No chance of Impermanent lose).


Harvest Finance - FARM Pool
(No chance of Impermanent lose).


(Chance of Impermanent lose).


I'm comfortable with a pair that includes a stablecoin and an exchange token like BNB. I'm confident neither of them are going to go to zero any time soon.

Let me know your thoughts please

If you had 1 BTC to park into a farm and wanted to limit risk as much as possible what would you do?

Ciao for now,


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