The attacks were in different parts of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine

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I'm a Bangladeshi Student and i living in Ukraine for over 1 years now for my study purpose.
Today at 5 am we heard explosions! A Russian army invaded Ukraine from several sides.
I was hoping till the last that it was just talking and it would never happen here. But the war has begun!

Dear friends, I ask you to pray for us. We in Ukraine are now under shelling, russian invaders are shooting at residential areas, firing rockets, adults, children, animals are dying. We just want to live in our native land, in beautiful country, to love, to raise children, to take care of our cats. But Russia wants to kill us, all - adults, children, cats,international students. We hide in basements, our houses are destroyed. This is downright scary. For us and for our cats. Tonight, the enemies are threatening to inflict air-bomb strikes on Kyiv. We don't know if we'll be alive tonight!
Please, please pray for us...💔💔😥
In 1971 my grand father fight against bangladesh pakistan war for save country ,now i am stand for save me and save my friends in ukraine,
#Will see if i alive.My next generatin will be proud for mew if i will dead in war .Many goreigner were dead in our livaration war in 1971 without any benefit.
#I am not understand what i write r what i not.because this timew not as normal times.Every moment everybody feel and start to get test of death

My dear friends from bangladesh Monaco, France and all over the world, I am addressing to you in english because all my Russian or Ukrainian speaking friends are more or less aware of the situation in Ukraine.
I am not able to answer to each one of you individually, I have no more energy and strength to put in words what we are experiencing here.
I am in Ukraine, in Kiev right now. I didn’t plan intentionally to come from a stable and sunny Monaco to share the common fate of my beloved Ukraine. But this is where I am now and I am a part of what is happening.
I am alone in my apartment, hearing the bombardement getting closer every day. My neighbors are spending most of the time in a basement fearing for theirs lives. I see civilians under my window preparing Molotov’s cocktails to give a deserved welcome to the occupants approaching our homes. I am scared as well, I sleep on the floor in a bathroom for now, fully dressed with my documents and a small bag of the most essential belongings next to me keeping the option of a basement in mind. We have a curfew lasting from Saturday 17:00 till Monday morning, and I guess it might be prolonged.
Answering your questions:

  • There is no way to leave Kiev any more;
  • I have enough food and water for a while;
  • I am cut off from my parents as they live on the opposite river bank and all the bridges are blocked out of security reasons;
  • We still have running water, electricity and internet.
    I want you to know that it is not a military operation, it is a full scale war launched by Putin against my country. It is a humanitarian catastrophe in a center of Europe. It is not an internal problem of Ukraine, it is an event that will have a consequence for all of you in Europe or in any other part of the world. We feel your support but please don’t give up on us. Your efforts are appreciated but it is not enough. Please do what ever you can to stop this crazy scenario from approaching its culmination even if everything you can do is just to say I STAND WITH UKRAINE.
    Frm 2days nothing to eat but flow in my bloods of inspairation to fight against russia .

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One question you didn't answer is - how is it you were in Bangladesh 8 days ago, but now you're suddenly living in the Ukraine?

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 17-20-21 360 view Of my Rooftop, balcony ,and ground garden PeakD.png

I already know the answer - it's well established that you're a hacker/scammer. I just thought I'd leave this reply so people don't get taken in by your shenanigans.


First of all, this post behalf of my cousins who stay in there . 2nd i am not hacker or scammer.this is my original account.check steemit i have also verification post.
Thank you.i hope i can clear my position.