Buying bro, mpath , ctpsb and increasing 2nd layer tokens stake - iaac 13

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Hey fellow hiveians I hope everybody is doing great and having a nice time it's very cold out here and I have to go early in the morning to go get milk from the local dairy and after that, I made milk tea 🍵 to warm myself I usually add some chocolates and dry nuts believe me it's very tasty 😋. IMG_20210112_092251.jpg Today I bought some bro tokens Holders earn 50% daily curation from @brofund and @ctpsb tokens and I also bought 20 @mpath tokens

I didn't know of mpath tokens before I was just wondering in Leodex and found out it says on the token info page that holding a minimum of 10 tokens will give you upvote once a day and it cost me 2$ to buy 20 of these

Also, like bro or ctpsb it will give me dividend on my holding you will receive that on a minimum of 1 @mpath if you hold

I also bought and staked weed chary sports and m tokens I will keep adding more and more tokens AND Stakes in my account

I'm having an awesome day I watched the monsters Hunter movie and I didn't like it much it's boring with no real emotions

Anyway, peace do follow me @aiovo

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