What does the Pob community need to do to have more investors?

The hive is at a very good time, its valuation has allowed many people in different communities to make a profit. I thanked God a lot for…

How many pobs/hives do you need to money not be an issue?

The idea of ​​making this post today came after I looked at my invoices and saw what I would have to pay in bills earlier this month. I…

Less, But Better

People always want something. They want happiness, love, money, power and everything else. And they always want more and more. Especially…

A good team plays together: A call to action for the richest users of the POB community.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Acendre](

How many Pobs does it cost to fulfill your dream?

Everyone has a dream. Some people have many, others prefer to call them goals. But in the end, everyone wants to accomplish something the

My first experience with Defi was not great - More questions than answers.

But that happened probably because I'm a newbie and I didn't have a lot of patience to go slow. Yesterday I transferred about 20 dollars…

Money is energy - Energy of manifestation.

Have you ever stopped to think about how most of the things we want to manifest/accomplish depend on how much money we have? If we want…
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How I saved 235 bucks buying my new smartphone.

I've been in need of a new smartphone for a while. I've had my current smartphone for 3 years and when I bought it it wasn't very modern.…

Would all your problems be solved with money?

Pixabay We tend, albeit unconsciously, to believe so. Money is

Self-Voting: A "luxury" that I can't (and won't) give up.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Duluth Reader's](

Do we need to create an identity for Proof of Brain?

Art created by me. The most amazing factor about our community is how comprehensive it is. POB embraces any theme and any personality.…

How to get 2k bucks in 2 months with POB?

This publication was also written in Portuguese. I had an important goal for this year, that goal was: buy a car. I'm not sure I can…

How frustrating can it be to have financial goals in POB?

I'm sure everyone in this community has financial goals related to POB. Many of us share this with the community, others prefer to keep it…

POB-WOTW EQUANIMITY: Are you an *equitable person when it comes to money?

This publication can also be read in Portuguese. *Note: *When researching what would be a person with equanimity in English, I did not…

Vira-lata Finance (REAU) has already risen 56.305% and moved R $ 18 million!

The whole world may not know it, but here in Brazil we have a mascot, this mascot is a mixed breed dog affectionately nicknamed "Caramel…

What do you think of a moai for Leo Finance community?

Leo is the third platform I use to write for rewards. But it is the only one that I dedicate myself lately. The greatest difficulty for…

Don't make that mistake in your finances.

Since 2019, I have a very bad financial habit. For the most part of 2020 I controlled myself not to do it, but at the end of the year…

Rick & Morty creator to launch series tokens on Ethereum.

Justin Roiland, co-creator of the animated series Rick and Morty from the Adult Swim channel, has just arrived on the Non-Fungible Tokens…

How to be creative talking about finance.

It is difficult, but it is not impossible, because if was not I'm not started writing this text; Since I decided to write for Leo…

I confess that I am almost lost, but I can still see the way.

When I decided to start writing for Leo's finance department after months away from Hive, I knew it would be quite a challenge. Doing…