18 Months Using Faucets! Reached Bronze Level on CoinPot, and Trying a Different Faucet

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After much grinding in the faucets, I've finally reached the Bronze level of CoinPot's VIP Rewards program. I gave an overview of the reward levels in this other post, but basically, to be at Bronze level we need a balance of at least 100k CoinPot Tokens. This level pays 0.04% daily interest on the CoinPot Tokens balance, and the tokens we get for every faucet claim increase from 3 to 4. It also gives a challenge star, but sadly this doesn't give 100 extra CoinPot Tokens like the stars from the other challenges. At least, 0.04% of 100k is 40, meaning I get 40 free extra tokens daily.

It was in January 3rd, 2021 that I reached the 100k tokens mark. As I expected, it took nearly three months to get here from the halfway point (around 50k tokens). And January 12th marked one year and a half (18 months) since I started using faucets! It's nice to at least begin 2021 already achieving some milestones.

Image of two piles of gold coins, and a few coins out of the piles

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What now?

Now that I've reached the Bronze level, I can resume my original plan of converting my small crypto earnings from all the CoinPot faucets (including the CoinPot Tokens) to satoshi (Bitcoin), since Bitcoin is the crypto that gets more valuable faster. I just need to keep in mind that the reward levels are recalculated every day, which means I need to keep a balance of at least 100k CoinPot Tokens in order to remain at the Bronze level. So, I can convert whatever goes above 100k. Probably not now, though, as the Bitcoin price is so high that the CoinPot Token is currently worth only 1/4 of a satoshi! I'll continue accumulating tokens and waiting to convert once the conversion rates are more favorable.

With the crypto prices going up, I was thinking of converting the faucet earnings into cash and using them to help pay something from the daily life in the "physical world." I decided to hold off on that, though, after reading a post where the author - who has also been using faucets for a few years - wrote that, if he hadn't spent the earnings since the time he began in 2014 (which he unfortunately didn't do), he would have around 400k BRL (Brazilian Reals, around 80k USD) worth of Bitcoin now. With this as inspiration, I decided to continue using faucets and accumulating the earnings, how small they might look. One day, they might be worth much more, who knows... even if the opposite happens and they lose their value, I had gotten them for free anyway, so it'll mean I haven't lost anything.

With that decided, I thought it may be time to also try other faucets!


So far, I had been using only the faucets that use CoinPot to collect the crypto (here's an older post explaining how each one works), but now I've decided to try out other faucets besides the CoinPot ones. One that I began testing recently is Freebitco.in. It exists since 2013, being one of the oldest faucets around, and is still going strong (and paying). We can claim satoshi once every hour. The amounts we get vary, but currently (with the Bitcoin priced at around 35k USD) the minimum amount is 5 satoshi, and the maximum will always be the amount of satoshi equivalent to 200 USD (though obviously, we'll be getting the minimum value most of the time). With every claim, we get free tickets for their weekly lottery (also with prizes in satoshi), reward points which can be used to skip the captcha when claiming from the faucet, or increasing the minimum amounts we get from the faucet for 24 hours, or traded for satoshi (once we reach 100k points), or even physical prizes like crypto hardware wallets or smartphones (though those require millions of points!).

Another interesting feature of the website is that they pay 0.011% daily interest (4.08% interest per year) on our balance if it reaches at least 30k satoshi (either winning from them or depositing Bitcoin from somewhere else). So, it may be a good place to "hodl" the satoshi we get from faucets once we have enough, and make our earnings passively increase little by little.

Also, if we subscribe to their promotional emails, they send daily emails with a special link to spin their "wheel of fortune" to get free satoshi, reward points, or lottery tickets.

The website also has multiplier and betting games which I'm not comfortable to play because of the risk of losing satoshi.

Last but not least, there's also a different lottery where the winner gets a Lamborghini! But the tickets for that cost 25k satoshi.

This summarizes what the website has to offer. I'm liking the website so far, and may write a more detailed post about it once I have used it more and have some tips to share. Here's the site's link again for anyone interested.

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Hi! Long time ago. The best "faucet" at hive is risingstargame! Free to enter.


A music-related game where we can earn crypto? Might be something for me!

I'm checking it out. I believe I managed to sign up under you. Getting used to this game may take a while, though... I'm still studying the FAQ and struggling with the interface that isn't very accessible to visually impaired users with screen readers (or at least not under Linux). Hopefully I can manage to play the game once I get the hang of what is where...


You dont need My ref link. I earn so low extra with it.
First week I did 0.5 USD But focus at level up.
I Only played 14 Days now.
Just doing missions as often I can.
Just now I do Some different way for small income
GoodDollar UBI
Circle UBI
Rising Star GAME
Coingecko (collect points)
And Splinterlands

What is your best way?


My ways are still:

  • The faucets. I'm still waiting to convert all the earnings to satoshi, but I estimate I'm getting around 1800 satoshi a week (at the current crypto prices, that would be around 5.749 HIVE according to my simulation on BlockTrades).
  • My HP delegation to Qurator, which gets me around 1.4 HIVE per week.
  • And my SP delegation to Brazilians on Steemit (0.38% returns per week, around 19.4% per year). They're also on Hive, but sadly, they don't give delegation returns on Hive yet, so I delegated basically all my SP to them instead of powering down. That gives me around 5.2 STEEM per week (around 7.17 HIVE at current prices).

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Nice. You getting better and better.
I have notice that one of better ways is to write post about games - then the gamedevs. will upvote.
Keep on collecting coins !


Nice idea. If I write about the accessibility issues of the Rising Star game, maybe the devs will see it too.

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Remember to use #risingstar or #risingstargame - (I use both for sure). ANd yes they will see it. They are very active. And - you get upvote for good post. And if you do a good post you will be in a raffle to win cards. (so start an account first maybe)




Hey @aiyumi, here is a little bit of BEER from @minimining for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.


Sorry to hear you are struggling with the interface. We are only a very small team so it's hard for us to do everything but if you could let me know if there is anything we could add that would make it easier then we will certainly consider it.
For example we could create a simple text based interface for running missions if that would help.

Please let me know in our Discord if possible (Just ask for "Jux").


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Whoa, I hadn't expected @risingstargame to come here! :D

It's great to know that you guys are willing to consider improving the game's accessibility.

For now, I've been using the browser's inspector tool to examine the HTML and trying to memorize the order of the icons, and have gone through a couple of missions. Maybe I can manage, but of course it would be great if accessibility could be improved!

We just have to let the mission (and the music) play out, and read the results on the "diary," right? That doesn't need a different interface. It should be just a matter of improving the accessibility of the buttons and icons for the "mission preparations" part. Most of the problems I've found so far have to do with images that have no text describing them (and unfortunately, I have the same kind of problems on Discord!). So, I'll have to write the "report" here:

  • The icons to control the radio playback are clickable images with no text. For these, using the "aria-label" attribute should improve things. It would be ideal if those icons from the radio were turned into buttons that activate from the keyboard (by pressing "Enter" or the space bar), but just the aria-label would already help a lot.
  • The main menu options are also images. Using "aria-label" with text on the links would probably solve the problem too), though the menu navigation (with links inside buttons) feels a bit strange to me. As I navigate using the keyboard and pressing "Tab," the screen reader announces a button, and when I press "Tab" to go to the next element, the screen reader announces the inner link (neither the button or the link have text).
  • Wherever there are buttons (for example in the menus and also the buttons to accept the terms and conditions), they aren't activating from the keyboard like normal buttons should (the links inside activate with "Enter" normally, but the outer buttons don't). The buttons will probably need some JavaScript to respond to "Enter" ("event.keyCode 13") and space bar ("event.keyCode 32").
  • Then, there are icons like the stats icons, which - according to the browser's HTML inspector - are supposed to have tooltips explaining what they are, but the screen reader doesn't catch the tooltips. The tooltips would need a unique ID and the "aria-tooltip" role, and the icons would need the "aria-describedby" attribute indicating the unique ID of the tooltip.
  • The cards, band members etc. also are images with no text, and could use some aria-labels too. It would also be nice to have something indicating which ones are locked.
  • Edit: I found another problem. The "+" next to the energy bar which opens the energy boosts menu isn't focusable and doesn't activate from the keyboard. It would need something like 'role="button"' for the screen reader to see it as a button, 'tabindex="0"' to be focusable from the keyboard, and some JavaScript to respond to "Enter" and "space" keypresses.

I hope these suggestions are useful! I believe they shouldn't be hard to implement.

Thank you!

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