CoinPot and its Faucets are Closing Down! Time to Find Other Faucets!

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Since mid 2019, I've been using the CoinPot faucets and converting my earnings to STEEM, and more recently, HIVE. However, when I visited the faucets on the morning of January 16th, 2021, I was greeted by the sad news that CoinPot and all its seven faucets will be closing down. Their justification is that the faucets are a hobby that they don't have the time and resources to continue maintaining. The affected faucets are: Moon Bitcoin, Moon Cash, Moon Dash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dogecoin, Bitfun and Bonus Bitcoin. What will happen is:

On January 31, 2021, all the faucets will stop working and no one will be able to sign up or claim from them anymore. The CoinPot website's lottery, VIP Rewards program and browser mining functions will also stop working, but coin conversions and withdrawals will still be possible until February 28th, 2021. On February 28th, 2021, the CoinPot site will also stop working. So, we should withdraw all our balances before this date.

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Now, my plan is:

Continue claiming from the faucets until the last day I can (January 31). Keep the CoinPot Tokens balance until January 31 (when the VIP Rewards program will also stop), so that I get the daily interest payments until the last day the program is active. Convert all accumulated earnings into satoshi (Bitcoin) sometime in February, before February 28.

  • Withdraw everything.

I like the results I got at CoinPot. In one year of using them, I got around 198 HP just from powering up the earnings from there, and if I convert everything still in my balance to satoshi (all my earnings for these last six months), it seems I can get something like 80k satoshi (which would mean around 200 HIVE right now, according to a simulation I did on BlockTrades). These faucets were good while they lasted!

I intend to send everything to Freebitco.in. It's another well-known faucet website, and one of their interesting features is that they pay 0.011% daily interest (4.08% interest per year) on our balance if it is over 30k satoshi (it doesn't matter if we earn it all from them or deposit from somewhere else).

So, what faucets to use now?

With the high crypto prices, I have decided that I'll just accumulate crypto from faucets for now instead of buying them. Now that the CoinPot faucets will close, I'm looking for other ones.

Fire Faucet

Besides Freebitco.in, I began testing Fire Faucet, which I've heard good things about. It's an "auto faucet" where we leave the page open and it does several claims on its own. Unlike other faucets where we need to solve a captcha for every claim, on Fire Faucet we solve a captcha to earn auto claim points. It supports 9 different cryptocurrencies, and we can even claim all of them at the same time. While the faucet claims on its own, it spends the auto claim points. When we run out of auto claim points, we have to solve a captcha again to get more in order to continue using the auto faucet. As we use the website, our level goes up. At each level, we get some bonus satoshi and the amounts we get at every claim also increases.

The 9 cryptos it supports are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, USDT, Tron, DigiByte and ZCash. We can convert between all of them to reach the minimum withdrawal amounts easier, and then withdraw either to our own wallet, or to FaucetPay (a "micro wallet" website that consolidates payments from faucets, much like CoinPot did, but for many more faucets).

Rising Star

But the star of the show (pun intended) to me at the moment is risingstargame.com. It's a game here on the Hive blockchain where we can earn crypto. It's not really a "faucet," but is as simple to use as one (basically, just press a button to start a "mission" and wait for it to end. Once the mission ends, we get a random amount of crypto). They pay in Starbits, which is a token on Hive Engine which can be traded for not only HIVE, but also other cryptos, and all other tokens that are on Hive Engine. I earned over 600 Starbits already on the first day of playing. Curiously, when I checked, 1 Starbit was priced at around 0.1 satoshi. It means that I got around 60 satoshi only on the first day, which is even more than what I get from Freebitco.in in a day. As our level increases, we can do missions with much higher rewards too, so the earnings can get much better. I think it's worth trying this game out, if you haven't yet!

The website to play the game is risingstargame.com. The game's official account on Hive is @risingstargame, and you can read other Hive users' posts about the game by checking the tags #risingstar and #risingstargame. And for those who are into Discord, here is the link to the game's official Discord channel.

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