Will you welcome me back hive

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Will you welcome me back is the phrase I will use to apologize for staying out on hive for a little while,even tho I have my reason for doing so ,I know I will have miss many update, hive is a platform I love visiting Everytime because we have great author that share life knowledge which benefit me



But stupidity is when you keep doing things in the same way and expecting different results,I want different results in my trading journey,I want profit, that is the reason I take some times off and learn more about trading,I went to learn how big institution move the market

I have been out for some month now ,to learn smart money candle and ict trading,this type of technical analysis is different from support and resistance type of trading, this deal with how big Bank mitigate the order block and create fear value gap(fvg) ,this is a powerful tools that I believe can make me profit in the market

I believe it's ok to take one step backwards in order to take two step forward, trading the financial market, looking at the chart, analysis is what I love doing,,this is what I want to do for the long time , solving my financial problem is a thing I can't stop loving doing, this is the reason i took my time and learn this new strategy

Even tho i know no strategy is 100% ,but I believe this strategy is above 50% , money management will give you the rest,I met wonderful people both online and offline ,I was open to new things which make me believe am on the right part this time ,even tho am still in back testing stage , still mastering this strategy,I already see the mistake I have been making for a while

I know some people will see me in their comments section,I always come and read post and comment anytime I have the chance,I believe that is how it should be ,more engagement because we are family

I can't wait to share my knowledge with you all and I hope you welcome me back like or more than before...

Thanks in advance

You are welcome back

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Interesting one. I know how it feels to go off for a while.

I have been in such situations where I jump into Hive daily, but I just don't have enough time to read, write or even comment. Hehe.

You have a good reason for your absence. Now that you've learned those smart stuff... Hahaha... I believe you will be more visible on the blockchain. Right?

Welcome Back ✌️


Also, here is !PIZZA for coming back from that long 2-months trip. Haha



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