Can Anyone Be Rich?

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Would you like to be rich?

I think everyone will answer yes.

This topic is probably the most popular for every person in the world (as long as he is healthy). And while there is a wealth of information - lots of courses, trainings, seminars, books and "gurus" that teach how everyone can get rich - there are not so many rich people.

But why?

Today, according to the Forbes Forbes ranking, there are 2,755 dollar billionaires in 70 countries around the world.(source)

At the same time, 46% of the world population lives on less than $ 5.5 a day (the poverty level for developed countries), about 735 million people live in extreme poverty with an income of up to $ 1.9 a day.(source)

Why are we all in different situations? Why, with the natural desire of each of us to have more and live better, are we all at different levels of life? Why are there so many who cannot change their financial reality?



There are many opinions as to what exactly determines our financial situation.

Some people say: everything is determined in your mind. Abundance is born in the mind and then materializes in the real world. Your mental attitude to money is important.

Others argue - it's a matter of psychology. The level of awareness decides everything. rationality, self-control, self-discipline, etc.

Still others believe that this is a matter of education and knowledge, financial literacy and compliance with the basic rules of financial well-being - budgeting, cost accounting, creating savings, refusing loans, investing, etc.

Still others are convinced that the main thing is action. And the main reason for the lack of finance is our laziness and unwillingness to change our own wrong habits and behavior patterns.

There are several popular statements about achieving wealth that I cannot agree with.

Statement 1. "Everything depends only on you"

But, in fact, in reality, not always and not everything depends only on you. There are always things that you are responsible for, and there are those that you do not control. We only control our own actions and opinions. We have no control over everything else.

We live in an ever-changing reality, and around us there are countless factors and circumstances beyond our control. They can both neutralize the fruits of your efforts, and vice versa, lead to success completely unexpectedly for you. Also, living in society, we cannot control other people, their motives, desires and actions.

Even the ancient Stoics spoke about this. They have a wonderful concept of dichotomy of control (duality of control). The duality of control is the logical basis of stoicism: the understanding that there are things that are under our control and things over which we have no control.

Driving into a person's head the thought “everything depends only on you” is to doom him to excessive demands on himself, which often lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. But if we are doing everything that depends on us, but have not achieved the desired result, then we should not be upset about this, let alone blame ourselves for this. You need to understand that not everything is decided only by us.

The ability to discern what is under our control and what is not, and to act accordingly - this is wisdom.

Statement 2. "You can be anyone"

But we all know that this is not true. Otherwise, everyone would have become presidents, billionaires, popular musicians and avid travelers.

But you cannot be everything you want, but you can be everything that you are. This means that you have your own vocation, purpose, certain talents. And very often, people try to realize themselves not in the area in which their vocation is located, but in the area where they pay more money.

But if being rich is not your destiny, not your true inner self, you will not become rich. In other words, you cannot be rich and be authentic at the same time.

Statement 3. "If someone can do it, you can do it too"

One of the key teaching ideas from many wealth-gaining gurus is: “No one is better, no one is smarter. If it can be someone else, it can be someone else. Do like a millionaire and you will be a millionaire. "

But why, despite the fact that there are many books on the topic "How to Become a Millionaire", "Secrets of Millionaires", "Wake a Millionaire in You", etc., are there so few millionaires?

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We are all different. And each has its own unique story. Each has its own reality. Everyone has his own path. And every millionaire had his own path to wealth.

It is important to recognize that each person's reality is different. The reality of any of us is based on beliefs based on life experience and existing knowledge. One information can be interpreted by people in different ways. Two people can look at the same object, but see differently. Even if two different people do the same job, it turns out differently!

If our beliefs are subjective, then the decisions we make are subjective. It is this very subjectivity, from which everyone is trying to get rid of, that makes us different and leads to different results in life. Principles, rules, collective experience are available to anyone, but only their subjective interpretation can lead to extraordinary results.

Not everyone can be rich. But everyone can, having studied the general principles, rules, approaches, tools - adapt them for themselves, and go their own way to financial well-being.

Remember that there are many ways to achieve your goals, you just need to find the one that works for you.