Will Portugal start taxing crypto?

Hi, I've read today, that Portugal might review its stance on crypto taxation. Portugal is the only country in Europe, where crypto is…

Why is crypto not skyrocketing now?

Hi, why is crypto not skyrocketing now? In economic distress, usually an asset that is scarce, like crypto shall skyrocket, as it is…

#AskLeo - increase income or decrease expenses?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the tag by @acesontop, I want to ask you another question related to the financial aspect of your life. What…

What a mess

Hi, today was a bad day for crypto, after LUNA almost defaulted (ironic), and everything on red. This day might be the signal of the…

§AskLeo - to sell or not to sell?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the tag by @acesontop (give him a follow, as he has good content), I will ask you about the current market…

Crypto dipping, patience or acting?

Hi, today was a tough day for crypto. BTC taking a 7% dip, with most others in red. Will we have another bear market, as most predict…

Targets for 2022 - May report

May Hi, April just arrived, and it is time to do a review on the past month and how the year has started. I've defined a set of…

#AskLeo - Stick to the plan, or switch the focus?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the tag by @acesontop, I want to ask you a simple question, that might have a simple answer. On your…

Central African Republic adopting BTC

Hi, good news today, the second country that adopts BTC as legal tender is the Central African Republic. The first one is El…

Again red markets

Hi, today is another red market day. I expected the markets to go up, or at least wished, for a business move, but today, when I needed…

#AskLeo - Do you invest local?

Hi, for #AskLeo, the tag by @acesontop, I want to ask you a question that I've stumbled upon today, speaking in a discord group. The…

Big changes for Twitter ahead

Hi, as written two days ago, Twitter is changing. A couple of hours ago, it became official that it will have a new

Twitter to use USDC on Polygon

Hi, some interesting news today. Twitter, together with Snipe, is testing the payments on the platform with USDC from Polygon. This is…

Teaming up with community members?

Hi, given that the post from yesterday, which can be read here , has had some fair amount of replies, I think we can fairly say that…

#AskLeo - Doing business solo or with a team?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the tag by @acesontop, I want to ask if you are doing business alone or with a team? I was speaking this…

Travala - getting paid

Hi, thanks to @trumpman, I've joined Travala . Now, after acquiring the Founder NFT , I'm get

Lifestyle challenge week #245 / Lifestyle Challenge Woche #245

Hi, I was out for 6 days this week. Can say that I'm still on the road and will only get home tomorrow. There was a lot going on at work…

PolyCUB not yet airdrop soon to be over - what after? Maybe pHBD-USDC

Hi, I've noticed that the airdrop has passed, or at leats I'm not getting any new coins. This is actual not a bad news, as we might see…

Crypto for economic safety

Hi, a friend of mine, who has different businesses and real-estate investments, called me today, as he wants to buy crypto. He is…

#AskLeo - Is HBD killing the layer two tokens?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the tag from @acesontop (give him a follow and a read, as he has got some good posts), I want to ask you…