#AskLeo - Are you looking into cryptos for the metaverse?

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as almost everyone is hyped about the Metaverse, I would like to ask you, for the #AskLeo project by @acesontop, if you have looked into cryptos that might apply to this technology?

I'm not speaking about the one that has been rebranded, as I think that the internet offers us here endless possibilities, well, we had our Hivefest in such a metaverse, even if the one used is still a basic one.

I'm asking about cryptos that can be actively used in such a space. Yes, all can be used as means of payment, as they are used today, as exchange possibilities of goods.

Here I see different niches, like the assurance of goods, with the chains that offer the NFT possibilities, where ownership is well-defined. This is a minor use case.

Other cryptos can help for privacy, almost like FIAT cash today, that is hard to trace, for people that don't want to show what they buy and protected themselves against fraud, aggressive marketing and all that issues that come with wealth.

I'm at a basic phase with the research, as I want to prepare a fund to invest in such a technology, but it shall be crypto, as I want to have it decentralized and the direction of development shall be somehow be based on needs on the first spot.

There might be some surprise coming from the Leo-team, regarding this direction, so I think it is a good idea to stay close and follow the development.

So, have you looked into cryptos that might apply to the metaverse technology?

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