#AskLeo - Would you relocate for business?

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for today's #AskLeo, I want to ask you if you would relocate for business? I'm at an airport right now, travelling for business, and maybe some party in the next days.

I had a discussion with some people on the way here, as they want to relocate to Thailand, due to some business opportunity they have there.


I did relocate a couple of times in the past years, and to be more precise, I did switch a couple of countries by doing this.

As I don't like the politics in Germany, from both sides. As well the far left socialistic behaviour, where the one who risks, invests and works, has to pay for the lazy ones, but also for the far right, which is sadly on the rise and fuelled by the anon movement.

For this, I'm taking in account to move to a different society, where business can be made and most are not offended by my dark sense of humour, and also, where taxes are not that high, which sustains laziness.

I don't know if and when I will move. I know, in the digital age, where everyone can work from anywhere, business can be made anytime. I still do prefer to have normal timezones, so working mostly at night, would be an issue.

What matters, is that my kid can grow up normal, in a healthy environment.

With some partners, we operate business that are not software/online in 7 different countries, on 3 continents, so I could move in any of those countries, to control the operations on the spot. Because of some mistakes in the past, I'm reluctant to do it.

How about you? Would you move for business?

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For a person to relocate for business isn't bad at all, I mean if I see the current location isn't favorable for me, to moved wouldn't be a bad thing at all, since it will give me what I need, I'll say that you to move to a place you wouldn't pay more taxes but live a comfortable life.


Agree with you, it shall be beneficial in the end.

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Thank you


I hear Nigeria is fun


True on this


It has a lot of opportunities for the future.

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Yes, I would definitely move for business; I think it made it easier for me to love change so I wouldn't mind changing the country I live in every few years..

obviously I'm also helped by the fact that I don't have children, my wife and I can move much more simply if it's convenient for us.


I would move even with the kid. If it is better for him, why not :)

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