First experience with AVA and Travala

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you might know that I'm hyped about AVA and what it has to offer, even if they continuously drop the interest they pay for the Smart programs. Thanks, @trumpman, for the opportunity and shilling it out.

As I like to test what I preach, I've had the chance to test trAVAla last week, where I've been on a trip, the first in months.

I had a business trip in the neighbouring country called Austria at one of our facilities there. Normally I do drive back home, but now with all the border restrictions it is easier to stay overnight, rather than travelling back and forth.

So it was the perfect chance to test trAVAla. I've booked an upper class hotel in the city centre which fitted to my low budget. Now the hotels are cheap, sometimes cheaper than rent in a normal flat. As I'm Smart Level 4, I've got the instant discount of 4% additional to the platform offer. I've checked other booking platforms, and it was €20/night cheaper, which is a good benefit in addition to the 4%.

The trAVAla platform with the Smart program is not for business travels. It is written in the T&C's, which I've read at my stay, when at the reception I did not get any invoice and receipt for the booking. Well, I said, I will remain with the cost on my side and it is not going to be deducted from my expenses.

Here, I wrote a ticket to the trAVAla support, and to my surprise, they've helped in less than 24 hours. I've got an invoice and receipt with the data that I've needed. So a plus point for them from the customer focus perspective.

The 4% cashback arrived in my wallet after my stay. I was pleased to see the cashback in AVA tokens and not in travel credits, which is also a big plus from my side. The travel credits can be spent only bookings on the platform, where the AVA token can be taken out and traded on binance or used to upgrade the Smart program.

After this pleasant experience, I can recommend trAVAla and will use it for sure in the future, especially when the pandemic will be over.

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