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I've had a long discussion with a friend today. I'm on a longer trip trough Europe for this week and use the chance to meet with old friends and acquaintances. Also, I try to close some long-lasting open issues.

So, today I've met with a friend who usually likes to jump from one opportunity to the other, as for him this is the way to richness. I've never experienced him holding to a project longer than 6 months.

He jumped newly into crypto. Well, he was in 2017 and 2018 into crypto, made a fortune, but lost most of it when the bear market started, called it a ponzi scheme and look, now he is back at it, riding every DeFi wave. I've told him, that I find this approach very dangerous, as a lot of the DeFis are scams or bubbles that go fast to the burst phase.

Compared to him, I'm a hodler turtle. I've started experiencing DeFi, only at the launch of, which I'm glad I've done. It is still my only DeFi project, as I'm not giving this up, even if the coin value is 3 times lower since I've bought into. On the long run it will recover.

We took the laptops out and did an analysis on the profit. This year, he blew my numbers from every aspect of it, as I'm slow and don't jump DeFis for the sweet return at their start. Taken the total growth from 2016, I had a fair advantage, as I have coins like BTC and ETH that have gained a lot in value for example. I like to have a long term vision.

Not that I'm not open to new opportunities, as I like to diversify, but I like to solidify each position, so that it matters in the long run.

After I hit a target, I move to the next one, building one step at a time. Yes, priorities can shift, but the targets still remain.

Now I'm focusing on building my CUB-BUSD LP, which I will probably will hit in two weeks. Then I will start working on the CUB den, even if now it does not seem to bring such a good return. I see it as an opportunity for the next months, where it can recover and even grow to 10x as to current value, only patience is needed.

I have a small fund for fast flips or opportunities with a low buy in value, but this is another story as it covers 1%-2% of my holdings, where at my friend this was at 90%.

How do you see it? Are you in for the long run or for the quick buck?

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