Happy New Year - Targets for 2022

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Start in January


as I did last year, I will define a set of targets for the upcoming year, which are meant to be achieved at the start of December. Why December? Well, I give myself 11 months, so that the last month of the year is for reviews, holiday, planing and mostly more time with the family.

The difference from last year, is that I have the tokens listed below, that are long term project and that there will be new targets, depending on the changes of the market and the opportunities that are coming during this year. Last year I've had some quick side projects, that have been interesting and have not been reported. This time, I will try to pick up a new project or a new target each month.

As you can see, these are Hive related projects as the external, due to my own privacy and safety, will be kept secret.

I hope that I will be able to make an #leoalpha story out of these targets. In the meantime, check the tag and the project on @LeoAlpha.



Wanted to have 50000 Hive Power last year. It was a hard target, which I try to reach this year. With the increase of the Hive price, it will become much harder.

Hive is the backbone of the chain and everyone that is using, shall aim for a high stake on the long run.

The LEO stake.

25000 LEO is something that I aim this year. I did not reach it last time, as I shipped a good amount of LEO on CUBdefi.com.

This year I will split it in two, a large portion will go into CUBdefi.com and the other projects at the horizon, where the other will be staked.

Major influx will be by posting, commenting, the different tokens and the miners that I will try to buy.

LEOM and LEOMM, the turbos for LEO.

These both tokens are relatively cheap right now, and more than doubling the stake is a reasonable target. I see that with the increased stake, more tokens are pouring in. The miners are bought, and so I need to divert from other projects, where the target has been reached or which I think that are not growing any more.

The LBI stake.

As still involved in the extended LBI team, the natural thing is to show commitment and buy more into the project. Adding 2000 more tokens shall be reached by the end of the year.

SPI token.

SPI is an expensive token at the moment. It has a good value, as the team behind is doing a pretty good job. I will try to catch people selling at lower price.

Index token.

Index has been created by the @ctp mastermind, @jongolson. It is a good concept that provides daily dividends. It was a surprise token at the end of the year, where it brought some good tokens ins. I think it will bring every holder some good tokens in the long run.

CP Splinterlands

Collection Power brings with it a lot of benefits. I ignored it from a financial point of view, but now will focus more on buying cards from the market. The cards which are not used, are rented out on the market and bring a nice daily income.

Utopis token.

The token by @chronocrypto has an interesting concept behind. Here I want to double my stake as the project is growing nicely and brings nice dividends each week.

SEED* token.

Another new project on the list, that will probably will take some years to benefit fully from it. It is the brainchild of @empoderat. I've had the chance to be an early adopter. Now the price is high, over the backed up value, but still good given the direction of the project and the aim for a long hold.

To reach the above targets, there is need for some work, especially engagement, therefore I defined for myself some targets. They are lower than the ones from last year, but still relevant in the end.


To keep track of it I did a snapshot from @hivebuzz which makes my life easy (thanks @arcange for the tool - you deserve fully my witness vote and not only for hivebuzz):


As mentioned at the start, will love to add new projects. If you can suggest one, please leave a comment, why shall I increase my stake in that project. Thank you.

Do you have goals for this year?

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